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The Student Peace Alliance is a nonpartisan student action organization advocating peace across the United States of America. Founded at Brandeis University in the Spring of 2006 by Aaron Voldman and Julia Simon-Mishel,[1] the Student Peace Alliance is a 501(c)4 organization, and has 100 chapters in the United States at high schools, colleges, and community youth organizations.[2]


The Student Peace Alliance calls for a U.S. Department of Peace to effectively and efficiently implement policies that would centralize and unify peace building efforts domestically and abroad. With a legislative bill in the U.S. House of representatives (H.R. 808) that currently has 70 co-sponsors, Student Peace Alliance coordinates supportive efforts on a local and national level through various actions including, policy suggestions, research, citizen lobbying efforts, and peaceful non-violent demonstrations.

Valentine's Day Action : On Valentine's Day congressional offices all over the nation are visited by Student Peace Alliance members with Valentine's letters from constituents of their congressional district.[3]

Peace of the Pie Action : The annual Mother's Day "Peace of the Pie" National Action Day! On May 11 (the Friday before Mother's Day), members of SPA and Peace Alliance take pies to their local Congressional offices, letting members of Congress know that "Peace wants a Piece of the Pie, which is 2% of the Federal Defence Budget.[4]

The Greater Alliance[edit]

The Greater Alliance, all of which have the goal of promoting peace and policies for peace, consists of the Peace Alliance, Student Peace Alliance, and Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace. Founded in 2004 by Maryanne Williamson, the Peace Alliance is an organization dedicated to, in coordination with national efforts, raising grassroots awareness in local communities about violence prevention and peace programs in order to influence congressional decisions.[5] Established in 2005, and operating in over 30 countries around the world, The Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace works on an international level promoting peaceful dialogue between nations through peace summits and global initiatives to establish Departments and Ministries of Peace.[6]

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