Studenternas IP

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Studenternas IP
Bandyfinal2010 hammarby celebratin.JPG
Full name Studenternas idrottsplats
Location Uppsala, Sweden
Owner Uppsala Municipality
Operator Uppsala Municipality
Capacity 6,500
Record attendance 12546
Surface Grass
Built 1908-1909
Opened 1909

Studenternas IP is a multi-use stadium in Uppsala, Sweden and the home arena for the football club IK Sirius Fotboll[1] and in bandy for IK Sirius in Elitserien and several other bandy teams.[2] The summer arena has a total capacity of 6,000 spectators and the winter arena 8,000. The bandy final has been played here since 1991 and the arena has during that weekend a much bigger capacity. 25 560 saw the 2010 final. 2012 was the last time that the final was played at Studenternas.

The main stand of the football section of Studenternas IP.
The entrance to the smaller standing section of Studenternas IP.


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Coordinates: 59°50′58″N 17°38′43″E / 59.84958°N 17.64532°E / 59.84958; 17.64532