Students' Federation of India

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Students' Federation of India
Flag of the Students Federation of India
Abbreviation SFI
Motto Study And Struggle
Formation 1970
Type Student Organisation
Headquarters New Delhi
General Secretary
Dr. Vikram Singh
V.P. Sanu
Website Official Website

The Students' Federation of India (SFI) is an independent student organisation in India, founded in 1970. SFI is currently led at the All India level by Dr.Vikram Singh,[1] General Secretary and VP Sanu as President.


Students’ Federation of India was formed through its First Conference which was held at Thiruvananthapuram between 27 and 30 December in 1970.

In the latter half of 1970 student leaders from various states assembled in Calcutta and decided to form a new student organisation committed to bring together the students of the country and lead them on issues such as radical education reforms, employment, safeguarding and expansion of democratic rights.

The Students Federation of India leads the Student Unions in many of the Universities in Kerala, West Bengal, Tripura, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi and other states.[citation needed]


A flag with a red five cornered star in the top left corner, on a white background and Independence, Democracy and Socialism written one beneath the other also in red; the ratio of length and breadth of the flag being 3:2.


The Students’ Federation of India (SFI) is a Socialist organisation. The slogan of the SFI is "Independence, Democracy, and Socialism!" The SFI believes that education is a major tool of social transformation and that this concept is especially relevant in a country like India, where regressive forces still prevail. Proper education, they believe, will counteract such forces and will help to build a new society based on rationality and justice. The SFI is an organisation of students which is ever aware of its role in society. It identifies with a society's progressive forces and is totally committed to the idea of independence, democracy, and socialism.

Structure of the Organisation[edit]

  • Conferences
  • Central Executives Committee
  • Affiliated bodies, organised on State Committee, District Committee, Zone/Area Committee, local and institution basis Committee & Units.

Areas of influence[edit]

Though SFI is active throughout India, it is most prominent in those three states that have enjoyed communist governments historically. These are the states of West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura. The SFI includes students from all the academic institutions of India - from schools to colleges, from professional institutions to research academies. In Tripura there is a special sub-organisation for tribal students, named the Tribal Students Union.

Controversies, attacks and violence[edit]

There are incidents of violent and non-violent protests alike, some being listed below

  • 22 April 2013 - SFI activists surrounded the West Bengal finance minister Amit Mitra outside the Planning Commission office in New Delhi.[2]
  • 16 June 2011 - In Kozhikode, Kerala, SFI activists had a protest walk which soon turned violent after police intervention, leading to the destruction of the door of the office and throwing chairs out of the room. The windowpanes of the buildings housing the Teachers Training Institute and Model Upper Primary School inside the compound were also smashed. As a result, fifteen activists, four police personnel, and a school student were hurt.[3]
  • 22 June 2007 - Activists of SFI misbehaved with lecturers and employees at South City College, provoking the teaching staff to resign en masse.[4]
  • 28 July 2007 - SFI activists entered the college premises and ransacked a classroom.[5]


The official organ Student Struggle is published monthly in English and "Chatra Sangharsh" in Hindi. Apart from that, State Committees of SFI publish magazines in the corresponding regional languages. Chhatra Sangram is the Bengali organ published by the West Bengal State Committee. Since 1964 it is publishing. Student (സ്റ്റുഡന്റ്) is the Malayalam organ published by the Kerala State Committee. Resistance is the E-Journal of SFI Kerala Unit. Researcher is the journal of research scholars published by the Kerala State Committee. ఐక్య విధ్యార్థి is published in Telugu by the Andhra Pradesh State Committee of SFI. Pudhiya Paadhai is published in Tamil Nadu. 'Satra Xakti' is published in Assamese by SFI Assam State Committee.


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