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The Students' Federation of India (SFI) is an independent student's organization founded in 1970.[1]


The Federation formed when student leaders from various states assembled in Calcutta and decided to form a new student organisation committed to bringing together students across the country, with the intent of leading them on issues including radical education reform, employment, safeguarding, and the expansion of democratic rights.

The Students' Federation of India leads the student unions of universities in Kerala, West Bengal, Tripura, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, as well as others.[citation needed]


The SFI flag features a white background, with a large red star in the top-left corner. The words "Independence", "Democracy" and "Socialism" are written, in Tamil, one beneath the other, at the bottom right. The flag symbolizes what the SFI promotes as the keys to harmony.


SFI is a progressive organisation, evidenced through the slogan "Independence, Democracy, and Socialism!" alluding to the need for change from the modern political ethos. SFI believes that education is a major tool of social transformation for India, where regressive forces still prevail. Proper education, they believe, will counteract such forces and will help to build a new society based on rationality and justice. The SFI is an organisation of students that identifies with Indian society's progressive forces and is totally committed to the idea of Independence, Democracy, and Socialism.[2]

Structure of the organisation[edit]

  • Conferences
  • Central Executives Committee
  • Affiliated bodies, organised on state committee, district committee, zone/area committee, local and institution basis committee and units.

Areas of influence[edit]

The SFI is strongly active in Kerala, Tripura, Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Rajastan and has influence in a number of other states. The SFI includes students from schools in Himachal Pradesh, Rajastan, Kerala, Telangana, Tripura, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal.

It is part of the student unions of various universities like Pondicherry University, EFLU, JNU, HCU, as well as other state universities such as Presidency University, and Himachal University. SFI is in power in every state university in Kerala.


The official publication of the SFI Student Struggle is published monthly in English and "Chatra Sangharsh" in Hindi. Apart from that, State Committees of SFI publish magazines in the corresponding regional languages. Chhatra Sangram is the Bengali version, published by the West Bengal State Committee since 1964.

Other editions of the publication are as follows:

  • Student (സ്റ്റുഡന്റ്) is the Malayalam version, published by the Kerala State Committee.
  • Resistance is the E-Journal of SFI Kerala Unit.
  • Researcher is the journal of research scholars published by the Kerala State Committee.
  • ఐక్య విధ్యార్థి is published in Telugu by the Andhra Pradesh State Committee of SFI.
  • Pudhiya Paadhai is published in Tamil Nadu.
  • 'Satra Xakti' is published in Assamese by SFI Assam State Committee.


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