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Studio 2000
IndustryGay pornography
HeadquartersSan Francisco, California, Los Angeles
ProductsPornographic films and sex toys

Studio 2000 was a gay pornographic film studio based in San Francisco, California. It was founded in 1992 by producer Scott Masters and director John Travis. It was then owned by two former Falcon Entertainment executives who purchased the studio in April 2006 upon the retirement of Masters and Travis. AEBN acquired the studio in 2011 and currently owns it.[1]


Studio 2000 was founded in 1992. Masters and Travis had worked previously for themselves and for every major gay adult entertainment studio. With Studio 2000, they hoped to create an environment where they could create top quality, highly entertaining works while working for themselves. Takedown, one of their first films together, was a success and featured Adam Hart and a number of other popular models in a movie described by Bijou World[2] as "bring[ing] plot and characterization back to porno without losing any of the sexual heat." By 1995, Masters and Travis had incorporated, built an office and hired full-time office and shipping staff. They also moved toward a more consistent production schedule, releasing first six and later 12 productions per year (some of which were produced overseas and released under the label Studio 2000 International), a template that held until they retired. A high point was reached in 2000 when Dream Team earned Studio 2000 their first (and, to date, their only) Best Gay Video trophy from the GAYVN Awards, as well as the award for Best Romance Video from the Grabby Awards.

Scott Masters[edit]

Scott Masters is a gay pornographic film director and studio owner active in adult film since the mid-1960s. Masters, whose real name is Warren Stephens, used the nom-de-porn "Robert Walters"[3] when he founded Nova Studios. He later shuttered Nova Studio and became head of production at Catalina Video. In 1992, he co-founded gay adult film studio Studio 2000 with fellow director John Travis.

John Travis[edit]

John Travis is gay pornographic film director and former movie studio owner whose career began in the early 1970s in San Francisco with 8mm loops.[4] He began directing for Falcon Entertainment, Brentwood Studios, Huge Video and Catalina Video. He formed Studio 2000 in 1992 with producer Scott Masters. Travis is best known for discovering and grooming Jeff Stryker, a popular and widely recognized gay adult performer.[5]


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