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Studio 56 is a recording studio in California.

Studio 56 was built and began as a home studio at 7856 White Oak in Northridge, California. Paul Schwartz, the owner of Studio 56, working with Tom Herzer and Jeff Fargus, set up the studio and started making music. The studio became a production house and began to be used for demos by artists such as Roy Orbison, Evelyn "Champagne" King, Smokey Robinson, Stephanie Mills, Fleetwood Mac, Burton Cummings, Howard Hewett, Moon Martin, Five Star, Billy Burnette, The Dwight Twilley Band, The Sylvers and The Jackson 5.

In 1986, Studio 56 needed to expand and moved to 7000 Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood, California, formerly Radio Recorders Studio. In France, Studio 56 Productions landed a publishing deal for $1.5 million to deliver 35 original songs for a publishing company in England. By 1988 Studio 56 had 4 Studios and a soundstage in full operation. All the rooms were booked with album projects. The producers would track in Studio A, move to Studio B for overdubs and vocals, move to Studio C to track big room guitars and choirs from the sound stage, and go back to Studio A to mix.

In 1989 Studio 56 upgraded to 32 Track Mitsubishi Digital Decks and Studer 820 Analog Tape Decks with SR Dolby, and upgraded Studio A with a Neve VR 60 with Flying Faders, upgraded Studio B with a Trident 80B, moved the Neve 8028 to Studio C, and built a new control room in the Sound Stage, Studio D with an MCI Console. The development was overseen by Studio Operations President Claudia Lagan.

In 1990 Studio 56 built an annex Studio E for pre production for 56 Entertainment, which was specializing in movie music, advertising productions and its library. With more of the clients requesting preproduction studios, Paul Schwartz leased 3000 sq. ft. on Melrose Ave. next to the Elite Modeling agency. There was enough room to build 2 Studios, Studio F and G plus 56 West, a club for live music that was recorded from Studio G, home for Booker T Jones III and his crew. In Studio F was Danish producers and songwriter of Soulshock and Karlin. The studio's expansion was fueled by Barry Coffin's 9-piece horn band, which attracted singers to the studio.

In 1993 Studio 56 expanded into 7006 and 7008 Santa Monica Blvd and built Studio H.

By 1998 CEO/President, Paul Schwartz of Studio 56 Inc. announced the purchase of the real estate at 7000 Santa Monica Blvd from South Park Real Estate Group.

Studio 56 has been used by many top artist including Sugar Ray, Kenneth Crouch, Derrick Edmondson, Johnny Cash, Toni Braxton, Mary J. Blige, Boyz II Men, Chaka Khan, Brandy, Guns N’ Roses, R. Kelly, Missy Elliott, Jessica Simpson, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Korn, Priscilla Presley, Natalie Cole, Christina Aguilera, Queen Latifah, Ringo Starr, Frank Zappa, Harry Nilsson, Burton Cummings, Ray J, Gladys Knight, Rod Stewart, Stevie Wonder and many more great artists. Producers like Keith Crouch, Jack Douglas, Mike Clink, Damon Elliot, Timbaland, Stanley Clark, Phil Spector, David Cole, Dr. Dre, Gamble and Huff, Randy Jackson, Jae Deal, Booker T Jones Jr., Booker T Jones III, David Malloy, Tim McGraw, Van Dyke Parks, John Purdell, Tom Werman, Duane Baron, Richard Perry, Elan Morrison and Leon Sylvers III.


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