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The Studio of Artistic Design (Russian: Мастерская художественного проектирования, tr. Masterskaya khudozhestvennogo proektirovaniya) is an independent culture and education organization based in Moscow, Russia and founded in 1987. Its curriculum is directed towards creative thinking, spatial awareness, visual culture and visual perception, as well as various types of art in graphic design contexts.


The studio was set up by Russian artist Nikolay Selivanov in 1987 in Moscow's Children's Art School, and in 1993 they set up a computer studio. In 2003 the workshop was reorganized and there appeared an independent nonprofit organization called the Studio of Artistic Design. In 2008, an anniversary exhibition of the Workshop took place in Na Solyanke Art Gallery, one of Moscow's central exhibition halls, called "Contemporary Art From Easel to Computer. The exhibition took place on all three floors of the gallery.


The studio cooperates with many organizations, museums and educational institutions, including the Russian Institute of Art Education under the Russian State Academy of Education and the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education.

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