Studium, Accademia di Casale e del Monferrato per l’Arte, la Letteratura, la Storia,le Scienze e le Varie Umanità

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The "Studium", Accademia di Casale e del Monferrato per l’Arte, la Letteratura, la Storia, le Scienze e le Varie Umanità (Studium, Academy of Casale Monferrato for Art, Literature, History, Science and Various Humanity Studies) was significant in ancient times as a major center in Casale Monferrato for academic and scholarly achievement. It possessed several scientific sections devoted to science, history, literature, music and art. The Academy was founded in 1476 by Guglielmo VIII Paleologo, Marquis of Monteferrat. Over time, the society witnessed a slow and inexorable decline. However, in 1978, the academy was revitalized by a group of scholars, scientists and academicians who wished to advance its cause in international culture. Alfredo degli Uberti [1] (1923-2007) served as the academy's pro-rector from 1980 till 2002. degli Uberti, a knight of several noted chivalric orders (Equestrian Order of the Saint Gregory the Great, The Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George and honorary member of the Accademia di Marina di Santo Stefano di Pisa) also served as vice-president of Kiwanis Club of Casale Monferrato (1978-1979). From 1981 to his death in 2015, the President of the Senato Accademico has been Infante Carlos, Duke of Calabria, Head of the House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies. From November 2015 Presidency has been taken over by H.R.H. Maria Teresa di Borbone Parma.[2][3]. From 2012 the pro-rector is Maria Loredana Pinotti.

Today, the academy conducts numerous conferences as well as producing several scientific publications. In April of each year, the Academy holds an international meeting of leading Italian and corresponding scholars.


Election to the Academy is by nomination of three academicians and majority ballot. The Studium has less than 40 academicians of which several are Nobel Prize laureates.

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Various Humanities

Public Entities


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