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StuffBak is a lost-property recovery service based in North America. As of November 2014, ReturnMe Lost & Found has taken over servicing all StuffBak customers.

How it works[edit]

StuffBak sells labels in varying shapes and sizes to consumers, which have a telephone number and a unique label identifier printed, along with the message "Reward For Return". The labels are made in sizes ranging from a small sticker-dot for portable items, to a thick solid metal luggage tag. The owner registers their property and label numbers with the StuffBak web site.

Should lost property be found, a good samaritan can call the number and arrange for the item's return. The item's owner can pre-arrange for a cash reward to be offered to someone reporting the item, and StuffBak also offers the finder a free pack of StuffBak labels to stick on their own property.

Good Samaritan claim[edit]

StuffBak has been an auxiliary subject of numerous television news clips, most of which probe into human nature and the chances of having a lost valuable item returned. Many of the news clips feature setups where items are deliberately lost in public to see how many of them would be returned. StuffBak asserts that the majority of items with a label are returned, and cites numerous news sources that agree with this claim.

Fees charged[edit]

StuffBak sells the labels for a fee.

StuffBak has also arranged to include free labels with products sold at major retailers such as the former CompUSA. StuffBak labels were sometimes included with laptops or laptop accessory purchases, and with retail service or maintenance plans.

People who receive their labels free pay nothing to use them unless an item is lost, and in that case, StuffBak may impose charges for assistance in recovering items. StuffBak may also send a pre-paid shipping envelope to the finder, along with a courier pickup.

Alternatively, the company offers an insurance-like subscription package, where the customer pre-pays for the recovery service, but is then entitled to perks (such as next-day air shipping) that may cost more than the subscription, in the event of the loss.