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Directed by Prakash Belawadi
Starring Ananth Nag
Suhasini Mani Ratnam
Release dates
Language English

Stumble is Prakash Belawadi's debut film. It won the Indian National Film Award for Best Feature Film in English in 2003.[citation needed] It depicts the new economy, the dot-com bust, stock market scams, mutual funds, and voluntary retirement.

The production team intended Stumble to be a film for the middle-class[1] Ananth Nag and Suhasini are in the lead rôles, alongside Priya Ganapati and Allen Mandonca. Belawadi found his cast through the theatre world of Bangalore,[citation needed] and was wholly filmed there[citation needed]. Jesu Domnic and Shyam Nanjundaiah were Editors for this movie. One of the editors Shyam Nanjundaiah also played a small part in the film, appearing alongside Ananth Nag for a brief scene.

The movie was featured at the international technical festival, Pragyan at NIT Trichy in January 2006.[citation needed] It was also screened at the Mumbai National Film Festival.[2]