Stump Lake

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For the lake in North Dakota, see Stump Lake (North Dakota).
Stump Lake
Location Nicola Country, British Columbia Interior
Coordinates 50°22′00″N 120°22′00″W / 50.36667°N 120.36667°W / 50.36667; -120.36667Coordinates: 50°22′00″N 120°22′00″W / 50.36667°N 120.36667°W / 50.36667; -120.36667
Basin countries Canada
Settlements Stump Lake

Stump Lake is a lake in the Nicola Country region of the South-Central Interior of British Columbia, Canada, located northeast from and of a smaller size to Nicola Lake at approximately 11 km long. Stump Lake is the location of the community of Stump Lake and is important in local native history as one of the original settlement sites of the alliance of Okanagan and Nlaka'pamux people today known as the Nicola people.