Stumptown Comics Fest

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Stumptown Comics Fest
GenreComic book convention
VenueLloyd Center Doubletree Hotel (2007–2010)
Oregon Convention Center (2006; 2011–2013)
Location(s)Portland, Oregon
CountryUnited States
Most recent2013
Organized byStumptown Comics, Inc.; Shawna Gore
Filing statusNonprofit[1]

Stumptown Comics Fest was a comic book convention, held annually in Portland, Oregon from 2004–2013. In the model of the Alternative Press Expo and the Small Press Expo, Stumptown was a forum for artists, writers and publishers of comic art in its various forms to expose the public to comics not typically accessible through normal commercial channels.


The Stumptown Comics Fest originated in early 2004 with a small group of Portland-area cartoonists (led by Indigo Kelleigh)[2] who yearned for a convention that focused on the art of comics instead of the business of comics. In a space of four months they were able to put on the first comics fest on June 6, 2004, at the Old Church, a non-profit organization whose goal was to preserve an old church. The first show featured 22 exhibitor tables, and attracted 150 attendees.

In 2005 the show moved to Portland State University's Smith Memorial Ballroom, and grew to 80 exhibitor tables and 450 attendees.

In 2006 the event moved to the Oregon Convention Center and expanded to two days.

In 2007, the event began hosting the Stumptown Comics Fest Trophy Awards and Comic Art Battle. The awards honored outstanding small creators and comics, while the Comic Art Battle was described as "a cross between Pictionary and wrestling."[3]

In 2012 the show changed hands, with Kelleigh passing on the reins to Shawna Gore;[2] in addition, the new organizers achieved nonprofit status.[1]

After the 10th annual show in 2013, Stumptown went "on hiatus" and entered an operating agreement with Rose City Comic Con.[1]

Dates and locations[edit]

Dates Venue Guests/Notes
June 6, 2004 Old Church
October 1, 2005 Portland State University Smith Memorial Ballroom
October 27–28, 2006 Oregon Convention Center Paul Chadwick, Michael Gagne[4]
September 29–30, 2007 Lloyd Center Doubletree Hotel attending professionals: Graham Annable,[5] Steve Lieber,[6] Joshua Kemble.[7] Brandon Bold[8]
April 26–27, 2008 Lloyd Center Doubletree Hotel Guest of honor: Craig Thompson; other guests: Nicholas Gurewitch[9] Larry Marder,[10] and Brian Michael Bendis; attending professionals: Steve Lieber[11]
April 18–19, 2009 Doubletree Convention Hall Featured guest: Jeff Smith[12]
April 24–25, 2010 Lloyd Center Doubletree Hotel Special guests: Paul Pope, Graham Annable, Kate Beaton, Craig Thompson,[3] James Sturm
April 16–17, 2011 Oregon Convention Center Portland Mayor Sam Adams appeared at the show "in the guise of SamDroid to pose for photographs and raise money for local homeless youth organization p:ear."[13]
April 28–29, 2012 Oregon Convention Center Official guests: Stan Sakai, Mike Allred, Kurt Busiek, Chris Samnee, Peter Bagge, Matt Bors, Brian Michael Bendis[14]
April 27–29, 2013 Oregon Convention Center Featured guests: Dash Shaw, Bill Willingham, Hope Larson, Becky Cloonan, James Kochalka, Brian Hurtt, Boulet;[2] attending professionals: Paul Guinan, Anina Bennett, Erika Moen, Greg Rucka, Matt Bors[15]


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