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Stumpy, the official mascot for the 2011 Cricket World Cup in South Asia.

Stumpy [1] is the official mascot for the 2011 Cricket World Cup. He was unveiled at a function in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on Friday, 2 April 2010. He is a ten-year-old elephant who is very young, enthusiastic and is determined. Cricket-followers based all over the world were able to participate in a contest to name the mascot.[2] The official name of the mascot was released on Monday, 2 August 2010 after an online competition conducted by the International Cricket Council in the last week of July, 2010.[3]

Tournament director Ratnakar Shetty during a press release said,"The idea of our mascot is to crystallise the feelings and action of the sport and the fans in a graphic form that reflects the visceral tone and emotion that Cricket creates in its followers, especially in an event like the CWC."

"It also emphasises the enthusiasm of youth both in general and for Cricket itself, especially on the sub-continent with its massive and dedicated following. He's stylised to give an instantly recognisable graphic strength so that with exposure his bold lines and strong colouring will instantly create a friendly face for the CWC," tournament director Ratnakar Shetty said in a media release.[4]



Here are a few key characteristics of the mascot. He is very young and enthusiastic, and of course, is determined.[5]

  • Young, enthusiastic and determined
  • Thinks cricket is the best game in the world
  • Loves playing Street cricket and would play it 24/7 if he could
  • Idolises his cricket heroes, their technique, skill and character
  • Understands there is a lot to learn, works hard at it, step by step
  • Learning to master the art of concentration
  • Dreams of playing in the ICC Cricket World Cup one day
  • Age: 10 (human years)

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