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Stunt Copter is a classic Macintosh game which involved piloting a small helicopter around a playfield and clicking at the right time so that a person suspended from the aircraft would fall into a hay bale on a moving cart. Unless precisely timed, the person might fall onto the ground or injure the horse or the driver of the cart.

The game was developed by Duane Blehm whose other games included Cairo Shootout and ZeroGravity. His small software company was known as HomeTown Software. Blehm died unexpectedly in June 1988;[1] after his death, his parents released his games and source code into the public domain.

A Mac OS X version of the game has been released by Antell Software.

An iPhone/iPod Touch version of the game was released by nerdgames in 2009.[2] In 2011, a version of Stunt Copter was released for the iPad which is noted for its similarity to the original.[3]


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