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Stunt Copter is a classic Macintosh game which involved piloting a small helicopter around a playfield and clicking at the right time so that a person suspended from the aircraft would fall into a hay bale on a moving cart. Unless precisely timed, the person might fall onto the ground or injure the horse or the driver of the cart.[1]

The game was developed by Duane Blehm[2] whose other games included Cairo Shootout and ZeroGravity. His small software company was known as HomeTown Software.[3] Blehm died unexpectedly in June 1988;[4] after his death, his parents released his games and source code into the public domain.

MacAddict magazine used Stunt Copter to demonstrate compatibility of Mac OS X Public Beta.[5] A Mac OS X version of the game has been released by Antell Software.

An iPhone/iPod Touch version of the game was released by nerdgames in 2009.[6] In 2011, a version of Stunt Copter was released for the iPad which is noted for its similarity to the original.[7]


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