Stunt Racer 64

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Stunt Racer 64
Cover art
Developer(s) Boss Game Studios
Publisher(s) Midway
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Release date(s)
  • NA October 1, 2000
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer

Stunt Racer 64 is a racing video game for the Nintendo 64, developed by Boss Studios, and published by Midway for a North American release in 2000.


Set in some unspecified time in the future, the gameplay includes more than simple racing. Older vehicles (primarily those regarded even today as classics) are retrofitted with futuristic engine and turbo technology, in addition to jets mounted to allow the car to perform midair stunts. These stunts, including flips, barrel rolls, etc., allow the player to accumulate cash rewards during races on levitating tracks. Money accumulated is used to purchase new cars, as well as upgraded parts for cars (This increases the value of the vehicle. Oddly enough, this feature is relatively useless because vehicles can't be sold.)


  • Contest Mode - One player selects one of four characters, each with their own unique cars. From there, players compete in races against a full tournament consisting of dozens of AI-controlled opponents. Although the character biographies hint that the computer characters have distinct racing personalities, there is no direct interaction with them and they serve no purpose whatsoever in gameplay. For each heat, a certain number of points is awarded for each place. The player must place high enough overall in each round to advance. Placing first in a race allows the player to keep all money earned, second place allows half of the money earned to be kept, and no money is kept for places 3-6. There are five leagues to race through, each bringing an increasing level of difficulty, more opponents with better vehicles, more rounds, and more tracks. When a first-place overall finish is attained, the player races one-on-one against the league owner, with the prize of the league owner's car. The leagues are, in order of increasing difficulty:
    • Kid Cola's League
    • Bunny's League
    • Hill Bully's League
    • Big John's League
    • Dr. Death's League
  • Quick Race - One to four players can compete in an arcade-style race where the cash prizes do not accumulate above $1,000 (When a player reaches $1,000+, each $1,000 is automatically traded for a Turbo that they can use to at any time to go faster.) The cars available (and their upgrade status) depends upon the game save last loaded in Contest Mode. The two main modes of the Quick Race are Single Race (with optional computer opponents) and Practice (with no computer opponents). The two stunt tracks, Half Pipe, and Stunt Bowl, are open only in Quick Race.


A race on the Soda Mountain track.

Tracks available in Kid Cola's League

  • Soda Mountain
  • Giant Toys
  • Medieval Mayhem
  • Wild West Ruckus (Boss race)

Tracks available in Bunny's League

  • Tacky Tiki
  • House Of Horrors (Boss race)

Tracks available in Hill Bully's League

  • Creepy Carnie
  • Planet X (Boss race)

Tracks available in Big John's League

  • Space Race
  • Nautical Adventure
  • Retro Metro (Boss race)

Tracks available in Dr. Death's League

  • Retro Metro (Boss race)

Stunt tracks, playable only in Quick Race:

  • Halfpipe
  • Stunt Bowl


The "Z-Bucket," one of four starter cars.
The "Fuzz," which can be purchased and then upgraded.

When a career is first started in Contest Mode, the player selects one of four starter characters, each with their own car: Warbird Light, Z-Bucket, Stottlemeyer, and Del Raye. Cash prizes can later be used to purchase the rest of these starter cars if desired, along with other cars that are available by purchase only. Among these aforementioned cars, once they reach full upgrade, a fancier version of the car comes up for sale. These "upgraded" cars cannot have their parts upgraded. Neither can the cars earned from league owners.

Stunt Racer 64 Description / Real-Life Equivalent
Starter Cars
Z-Bucket Ford Model A in a semi-fenderless 1960s hot-rod style.

(The name is a play on "T-Bucket," a hot rod built from a Ford Model T.

Warbird Light Ford Thunderbird (First generation)
Del Raye 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air
Stottlemeyer 1950 Studebaker Commander
Cars for Purchase
Apollo 1 Two-door coupe, styled like a rocket (possibly a 1948-51 Studebaker Starlight)
Surf South Two-door woody coupe, like a Chrysler Town & Country, but styled more like a 1940 Ford
Fuzz 1954 Oldsmobile 88 police car with a spoiler
Desperado 1959 Cadillac Eldorado
Bumpkin Ford Model A pickup, with patina
Scimitar Long 1930s luxury car, like a Mercedes-Benz
Cockroach Volkswagen Beetle
Hysterion Plymouth Prowler
Blown Z-Bucket Upgraded Z-bucket with larger whitewall tires and a supercharged engine
Warbird Heavy Upgraded Warbird Light, with different rims & exhaust
Del Raye Custom Upgraded Del Raye, with a supercharger
Stottlemeyer EX Upgraded Stottlemeyer, with the engine mounted at an exaggerated height
Apollo 2 Upgraded Apollo 1, with shiny metallic paint, tailfins, and cowl induction
Surf North Upgraded Surf South with a spoiler and whitewall tires
Superfuzz Upgraded Fuzz with different lights, bulletproof glass, tailfins, and a faux rocket engine
Desperado Deluxe Upgraded Desperado with custom chrome trim and a limousine antenna
Atomic Bumpkin Upgraded and restored Bumpkin, with exhaust stacks, and carrying a crate bearing the Radioactive Hazard Trefoil
Scimitar Insane Upgraded Scimitar, with trunk lid removed, exposing nondescript mechanical equipment
Cockroach Extreme Upgraded Cockroach, made into a fenderless and hopped-up Baja Bug
Hyperion Upgraded Hysterion, with a spoiler. Named after Hyperion.
Unlockable Cars
Twisted Edge Snowboard, apparently floating in the middle of a set of wheels. Unlocked by entering BUCKYB as a name in Contest Mode.
Milk Truck Vaguely 1950s-styled milk truck bearing the name "Moo Milk," and a hood scoop. Unlocked by entering MOOOOO as a name in Contest Mode.
Automatron Deluxe Similar to the original Batmobile, the Lincoln Futura concept. Unlocked by defeating Kid Cola.
Dreamy Super Jock Low-slung sports car. Unlocked by defeating Bunny.
Midnight Hauler Tucker Torpedo. Unlocked by defeating Hill Bully.
Burly Studmobile Similar to a Rambler Marlin with a spoiler and hood scoop. Unlocked by defeating Big John.
The Wagon Of Doom Similar to a wagon version of the Midnight Hauler, with a chopped top, skulls painted on, and tailfins. Unlocked by defeating Dr. Death.
Interceptor A small, very fast McLaren F1. Unlocked when all the leagues have been won. Despite the heavy emphasis on the premise of performing stunts, this car is the heaviest car in the game, making it much harder to perform stunts for money.