Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset

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"Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset"
South Park episode
Episode no. Season 8
Episode 12
Directed by Trey Parker
Written by Trey Parker
Production code 812
Original air date December 1, 2004
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Quest for Ratings"
Next →
"Cartman's Incredible Gift"
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"Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset" is episode 123 of the Comedy Central animated series South Park. It was originally broadcast on December 1, 2004, as part of the eighth season.


The episode opens with a small crowd, including Wendy, Bebe, Jessie, and others, gathered to see Paris Hilton make an appearance at the local mall. Wendy is rebuffed by her friends for not knowing who Hilton is, and Hilton enters to the cheering crowd. Hilton presents herself as "totally spoiled and snobby" and "a whore", according to onlookers, and announces the opening of a store called Stupid Spoiled Whore in South Park. The girls enter and discover, among other things, lewd clothing and a perfume titled "Skanque." Wendy is appalled by the blatant objectification of women.

Later that day, Wendy goes over to a friend's house and is quickly confronted with the Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset, a partial reference to the Paris Hilton Sex Tape scandal that occurred several months prior. Horrified, Wendy makes her exit, leaving her friends to recreate Hilton's sex tape. Meanwhile, Hilton is in fits over the suicide of her dog, Tinkerbell. In her throes of sorrow, she sees Butters and wants him to be her replacement pet. She puts him in a bear costume and names him "Mr. Biggles."

Wendy tricks her father into going to the Stupid Spoiled Whore store by threatening to buy a thong in the hopes of using his status as an adult to get the store shut down. But while he is initially appalled at what is sold there, he is quickly manipulated by the overly sexual and slutty women into accepting the store and declaring that his trying to close it down made him oppressive to females. Bebe announces a "Stupid Spoiled Whore" party at her house. However, they refuse to invite Wendy, stating that due to her intellect and status as Class President, she is clearly not a whore.

At the same time, Butters introduces Paris Hilton to his parents; he thinks he is now Hilton's boyfriend, rather than her pet. Hilton offers his parents $200 million for Butters, who doesn't like the idea, but his parents insist on discussing it alone. They tell Butters that he needs to be able to match Hilton's offer himself if he wants to stay, and suggest he try coal mining, like his grandfather. However, he is unsuccessful. Upon seeing a photo album in Paris Hilton's limousine, he discovers that all Hilton's pets killed themselves.

Although the party was supposed to be a time to get "whorish" with the boys, the boys seem to be far more terrified than titillated, and most are attempting to run away from the girls with even Clyde crying after being let out of the closet. Cartman attempts to dress up as stylishly as possible to as to sneak into the party, but is rebuffed. Meanwhile, Wendy seeks out help from Mr. Slave, the biggest whore she knows, to try to become like all the other girls. After explaining to Wendy that being a whore is something you're born with and that it can't be taught – nor should anyone want to learn it – he then rushes off to break up Bebe's sex party. Butters escapes from Paris Hilton's captivity, and runs into the party, where he runs into the closet, only to run out terrified as the girl inside apparently began coming onto him. Hilton, who is following him, appears just in time to hear Mr. Slave telling all the girls that being a whore is not an enjoyable life and that "Paris Hilton is a nobody. The two then get into an argument over who is the bigger whore, which culminates in Paris challenging Mr. Slave to a Whore-Off.

Paris Hilton begins with a variety of lewd sex acts, finishing by stuffing an entire pineapple up her vagina. Mr. Slave counters by removing his pants, leaping into the air, jumping on top of Hilton, and jamming her entire body up his anus (to which Mr. Garrison smugly replies "Now that's a whore!") The crowd is amazed at this feat and applauds, but Mr. Slave silences them by telling them that he should not be applauded, because being a whore is a bad thing. Butters is happy to have escaped living with Hilton, but now must face the wrath of his parents, who are upset about not getting $250 million. Meanwhile, inside Mr. Slave, Hilton meets the Frog King from the episode "The Death Camp of Tolerance", who sets her upon the same quest as Lemmiwinks.


Paris Hilton reacted to the episode by saying, "I haven't seen it, but when people copy you, that's like the most flattering thing, so whatever people can say, I just laugh about it. It doesn't matter to me."[1] To this, South Park co-creator Matt Stone reacted, "That shows just how fucked up she is. That's terrible that she's flattered by it."[2] The British newspaper The Guardian has rated the episode as one of the top ten episodes of the 2000s.[3]


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