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Type of site
Satirical wiki
Owner David Sowka
Created by David Sowka
Revenue Advertisements
Slogan(s) Wissen Sie Bescheid? Nein? Wir auch nicht!
(English: Do you know the score? No? Neither do we!)
Registration Optional
Launched December 17, 2004
Current status Active
Article "Summa cum laude" is tagged with the "Disaster Alert" template and put up for deletion.

Stupidedia (from Stupid and encyclopedia) is a German-language wiki featuring satirically themed and humorous articles.[1][2] Stupidedia is the largest German-language wiki of this kind, with over 22,412 articles as of March 2014. It uses MediaWiki software, like many other wikis. Some articles of celebrities which are considered overly offensive, such as their article on Heino or Bushido, have been blocked.[3]

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