Sturgeon River (Manitoba)

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For other places with the same name, see Sturgeon River.
Sturgeon River
Country Canada
Provinces Ontario, Manitoba
Part of Hudson Bay drainage basin
 - right Hayhurst River
 - location Unorganized Kenora District, Northwestern Ontario
 - elevation 119 m (390 ft)
 - coordinates 55°25′42″N 90°02′09″W / 55.42833°N 90.03583°W / 55.42833; -90.03583
Mouth Echoing River
 - location Northern Region, Manitoba
 - elevation 86 m (282 ft)
 - coordinates 55°31′20″N 91°22′43″W / 55.52222°N 91.37861°W / 55.52222; -91.37861Coordinates: 55°31′20″N 91°22′43″W / 55.52222°N 91.37861°W / 55.52222; -91.37861
Length 105 km (65 mi)
Location of the mouth of the Sturgeon River in Manitoba.

The Sturgeon River is a river in the Hudson Bay drainage basin in Manitoba and Ontario, Canada.[1] It flows west from its source in Unorganized Kenora District, Northwestern Ontario, through Sturgeon Lake, and takes in the right tributary Hayhurst River just before reaching its mouth at the Echoing River in Northern Region, Manitoba.[2] The Echoing River flows via the Gods River and the Hayes River to Hudson Bay.

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