Sturm (novella)

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AuthorErnst Jünger
TranslatorAlexis P. Walker
Publication date
11–27 April 1923
Published in English
1 October 2015

Sturm is a 1923 World War I novella by the German writer Ernst Jünger. It has a frame story set in the days before the Somme Offensive on the Western Front, where a group of German officers meet to discuss the war and listen to the literary sketches read by one of their members, Lieutenant Sturm.


Sturm was serialised in Hannoverscher Kurier from 11 to 27 April 1923.[1] The novella was forgotten even by Jünger until it was rediscovered in 1960.[2] It was published in book form in 1963. An English translation by Alexis P. Walker was published by Telos Press Publishing in 2015.[3]


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Further reading[edit]

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