Sturmer Pippin

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'Sturmer Pippin'
Pomological Watercolor POM00003442.jpg
Hybrid parentage'Ribston Pippin' x 'Nonpareil'
Cultivar'Sturmer Pippin'
OriginSturmer, Suffolk, England, before 1831[1]

The 'Sturmer Pippin' is a dessert apple cultivar, believed to be a 'Ribston Pippin' and 'Nonpareil' cross.

'Sturmer Pippin' is recorded as being presented to the Horticultural Society (later Royal Horticultural Society) by Ezekiel Dillistone in 1827.[2] The apple takes its name from the village of Sturmer, Essex.


This apple is medium-sized, and has a bright green skin becoming greenish to yellow and flushed red. A good picking time is mid-November to late November . One of the best English keeping apples, 'Sturmer Pippin' became widely grown and exported from Tasmania and New Zealand from the 1890s.[3]


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