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Sturmgeist live1.jpg
Background information
Origin Norway
Genres Experimental Black/thrash/industrial metal
Years active 2002–present
Labels Season of Mist
Members Cornelius Jakhelln
John "Panzer" Jacobsen
Anti Christian

Sturmgeist is an experimental black/thrash metal formed by Cornelius Jakhelln in 2002.



In 2002, Cornelius Jakhelln began working on a new band. The name chosen was Sturmgeist (Stormspirit in German). The music was an experimental mix of black/thrash metal with lyrics sung in English, Norwegian, and German about Germanic folklore, war, and recitations of Goethe poetry. On 24 January 2005 Sturmgeist released their first full-length, entitled Meister Mephisto on the record label, Season Of Mist.


In support of the album, Cornelius acquired the help of various musicians including Asgeir Mickelson of Borknagar and Spiral Architect fame, for a small European tour. The band played six shows in France, Belgium, England and Scotland, supporting the black metal band, Carpathian Forest.


Starting in October, Sturmgeist began recording their nachfolger to Meister Mephisto in Børge Finstad's Top Room studios. The band was now no longer a solo band, with John "Panzer" Jacobsen, guitarist on the tour, now filling the position as an official guitarist in the band and Anti Christian of Tsjuder, Grimfist and The Cumshots fame playing drums on the new album. The album is entitled Über and was released on 16 October 2006 through Season Of Mist in Europe, and on October 17 in North America.


Current Line-Up[edit]

Live session musicians on the 2005 tour[edit]


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