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Type of site
Social content website
Owner Antigravity, LLC.
Created by Temi Kolawole
Alexa rank 314,477 (April 2014)[1]
Registration Free
Launched May 13, 2007

Sturvs is a Nigerian content aggregator and blog network. It used to be a social bookmarking website where users could share news articles, music, videos and any other form of web content. It is a web 2.0 sharing and voting website that runs in a social and democratic manner, similar to popular website Digg,[2] but for Nigerians.[3] The word "sturvs" is a Nigerian slang for "stuff", so basically it is just a place for Nigerians to view and share all their internet stuff.

The website was the first Nigerian social bookmarking website [4][5] and one of the first in Africa.[6]

The Sturvs Network added on Sturvs Music in December 2011 and plans to launch more properties in 2012. Other Members of the Sturvs Network are Golden Icons and One Nigerian Boy.

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