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Weilimdorf is a north-western municipality (Stadtbezirk) of the German city of Stuttgart and covers an area of 12,6 km² with a population of around 30,0001 . It first became part of Stuttgart in 1933 and until that time was a separate entity with its own administration which was then subsumed into the city administration. Weilimdorf includes the districts (Stadtteile) of Bergheim, Giebel, Hausen, Weilimdorf-Nord and Wolfbusch and is home to an expanding commercial area.

Notable architecture includes the Castle Solitude, the 15th Century Oswald Church and the modern centre of Weilimdorf the Löwen-Markt[1].


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Coordinates: 48°48′51.48″N 9°06′44.28″E / 48.8143000°N 9.1123000°E / 48.8143000; 9.1123000