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Style Savvy (NA)
Nintendo presents: Style Boutique (PAL)
Style Savvy Coverart.png
Developer(s)Syn Sophia
Director(s)Azusa Tajima
Yurie Hattori
Hideyuki Ikeda
Producer(s)Hitoshi Yamagami
Syuji Yoshida
Platform(s)Nintendo DS
  • JP: October 23, 2008
  • EU: October 23, 2009
  • NA: November 2, 2009
  • AU: November 19, 2009

Style Savvy,[a] known in the PAL region as Nintendo presents: Style Boutique, is a fashion video game developed by Syn Sophia and published by Nintendo. It was released for the Nintendo DS on October 23, 2008 in Japan,[1] on October 23, 2009 in Europe,[2] and November 2, 2009 in North America.[3] The game is followed up by three sequels for the Nintendo 3DS called Style Savvy: Trendsetters, Style Savvy: Fashion Forward, and Style Savvy: Styling Star.


Style Savvy is played by holding the DS sideways, and the game utilizes the clock and date settings on the system. There are 8 locations where the player can buy clothes, accessories, change hair styles, change outfits, and work on their shop by managing items, making ads, and more. In the contest they can compete and stand a chance to win a rare item.

Using the DS Wireless play, players can also visit other players' shops, trade flyers after the Ads and Flyers option is unlocked, or take part in the contest with up to 3 players. The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection allowed players to open their own shop and let other people visit it. They could even download items that are not available during gameplay.


  • Dominic - The owner of the character's shop. He is the only male character along with Godfrey. He is rich and is able to upgrade the player's shop.
  • Grace - Is the players employer at the start of the game and work with her in Dominic's shop ("Strata"). Once the player owns their own boutique she is able to give you advice.
  • Renee - An employee at the start of the game in Strata, she later works in the player's boutique.
  • Libby - Photographer/paparazzi. She'll take pictures of your character after winning a fashion contest or when on an outing.
  • Roccoco - At the top of the fashion ladder, she also hosts the fashion contests
  • Felicity - Editor of the nuances magazine. Interviews your character when you win a fashion contest (only once a month).
  • Eunice - Dominic's maid. She will visit your shop if you wear the exact clothes she does.
  • Didi - Owns the hair salon and is able to change your character's hair. Will visit your shop and wear the outfit in her salon.
  • Olivia - Owns the beauty salon. You can buy makeup and get your eyebrows changed. Will visit your shop and wear the outfit in her salon.


  1. ^ Known in Japan as Wagamama Fashion: Girls Mode (わがままファッション ガールズモード, lit. Self-Indulgent Fashion: Girls Mode)


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