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Lee Hyori - StylishE cover.png
Studio album by Lee Hyori
Released August 13, 2003 (2003-08-13)[1]
Genre K-pop
Length 61:52
Label Daeyoung AV
Lee Hyori chronology
Dark Angel
(2006)Dark Angel2006

Stylish...E is the first studio album by South Korean recording artist Lee Hyori, her first musical project after leaving girl group Fin.K.L. The album sold well in South Korea, winning several awards and catapulting Lee to superstar status; papers even dubbed her popularity the "Hyolee Syndrome". The album was released by DSP Media and distributed by CJ E&M Music.[1]

The album has sold 150,000 copies.[2]


The first lead track was "10 Minutes", composed by Kim Do-hyun, who also composed "That's Right" from Shinhwa's 11th album The Classic in 2013.[3]

"Hey Girl" was the follow-up single. The video was banned on some networks due to its sexual imagery, although Lee said that it was the same as her first video and therefore she did not see why this had to be banned. The single was not performed as frequently as the first one, and promotions for the album were completed soon after. The third single was "Remember Me". The promotion of the album was completed after the release of the single "Cleopatra".


The album was reportedly in such high demand that 70,000 copies were pre-ordered.

The music video for "10 Minutes" received a Mnet Music Video Festival award for Most Popular Music Video in 2003.[4]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Prologue (Drum & Bass)" Lee Hyori Lee Hyori 1:48
2. "One Two Three N'Four" Kim Yeong-a Kim Do-hyun 3:56
3. "Like a Fool (Sadness)" (바보처럼; Babocheoreom) Hong Ji-yoo John K 3:54
4. "10 Minutes" MayBee Kim Do-hyun 3:54
5. "Ice" (얼음; Eoleum) Won Tae-yeon Yoon Il-sang 3:40
6. "Eve, Sleeping in Paradise" (이브, 낙원에 잠들다; Ibeu, Nakwone Jamdeulda) Kim Yeong-a The Jun 3:50
7. "Remember Me" MayBee Kim Geon-woo 3:59
8. "Like Today" (오늘따라; Oneulttara) Jo Gyu-man Jo Gyu-man 4:42
9. "Do Me" Lee Hyun-do Lee Hyun-do 3:45
10. "Hey Girl" Lee Hyori Kim Do-hyun 3:59
11. "Erase" (지워 버려; Jiwo Beoryeo) Kim Ji-woong Kim Ji-woong 4:07
12. "A Jazz Bar" (어느 재즈바; Eneu Jaejeuba) Han Jin-woo Ahn Jeong-hoon 4:11
13. "Only One" Lee Hyori Ryu Hyeong-seop 3:51
14. "I'm Sorry (Ghost)" (미안해요; Mianhaeyo) Lee Hyori Ahn Jeong-hoon 5:15
Total length: 54:51


The album's success allowed Hyori to become the highest-paid female artist in South Korea. It debuted at #3 in the Korean Monthly Charts, selling 79,361 copies in the first month of its release.

Chart Position Sales Total Sales
August Monthly Chart (2003) 3 79,361 79,361
September Monthly Chart (2003) 8 41,179 120,540
October Monthly Chart (2003) 24 9,692 130,232
November Monthly Chart (2003) 28 6,616 136,848
December Monthly Chart (2003) 25 7,334 144,182
January Monthly Chart (2004) 27 7,190 151,372
February Monthly Chart (2004) 42 2,218 153,590


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