Styrsö-class mine countermeasures vessel

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M14 HMS Sturkö
Class overview
Builders: Kockums
Operators:  Swedish Navy
Built: 1996-1997
Completed: 4
Active: 4
General characteristics
Type: Mine Countermeasures Vessel
Displacement: 205 tonnes
Length: 36.0m
Beam: 7,9m
Draught: 2.2m
Speed: 13 knots (24 km/h; 15 mph)
Complement: 10 officers and 8 conscripts
Armament: 2x 12,7 mm Machine-guns

The Styrsö class is a Swedish mine countermeasures vessel built from glass fiber. Among its intended missions are mine detection, mine hunting and patrolling. The ships are named after islands from four different archipelagos of Sweden.


The ships are equipped for acoustic, magnetic and mechanical mine clearance. There is also an underwater vehicle type Uven and a Towed array sonar on board. It is also possible to manoeuvre the remote controlled mine clearance system SAM from the ships.

The Styrsö class ships have very good manoeuvring properties and are used for hunting bottom mines, traditional mine sweeping and operates in coastal waters. They carry underwater ROVs of the type Uven and are prepared for the next generation of rovs called ROV S.

The class is built exclusively with civilian technology, so called (COTS), everything from diesel engines to the computers on board have been bought from the civilian market. This method simplifies the procedure of upgrading the system, it is also very cost effective eliminating the need to develop new expensive military systems. The ships have a completely integrated command and navigation system with computer communication and projection of charts in a 3D environment.


The class consists of four ships that were built from 1996 to 1997. They are among the most modern mine countermeasures ships in the world and an important addition to the Swedish mine clearance ability.

In 2004 HMS Spårö and HMS Sturkö were modernised, pulling out some of their capability for traditional mine clearance in favour of extended human dive support, the modified vessels are occasionally called Spårö class.


Bow number Ship name Laid down Launched Commissioned Service Status
M11 HMS Styrsö 1996 3rd Naval Warfare Flotilla 332. Mine Clearance Squadron
M12 HMS Spårö 30 August 1996 21 February 1997 4th Naval Warfare Flotilla 42. Mine Clearance Division
M13 HMS Skaftö 1997 1997 4th Naval Warfare Flotilla 42. Mine Clearance Division
M14 HMS Sturkö 1998 3rd Naval Warfare Flotilla 332. Mine Clearance Squadron