Su'ao Cold Spring

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Coordinates: 24°35′48″N 121°51′04″E / 24.596731°N 121.850984°E / 24.596731; 121.850984

Su'ao Cold Spring
Su-ao Cold Spring entrance.jpg
Location Su'ao, Yilan County, Taiwan
Type Cold spring
Temperature 22°C

Su'ao Cold Spring (Chinese: 蘇澳冷泉; pinyin: Sū'ào Lěngquán) is a cold spring in Su'ao Township, Yilan County, Taiwan.

Su'ao Cold Spring has a spring water temperature of 22 °C.[1] It is both bathable and drinkable, and it has a pH of 5.5. According to Japanese researchers, the cold spring contains carbonic ion concentrations of 68ppm, the highest of all springs in Taiwan. Its sodium ion concentrations were 14.3ppm and calcium ion 10.7ppm. Su'ao Cold Spring is the only calcium hydroxy carbonic spring in Taiwan.[citation needed] Su'ao Cold Spring contains a generous volume of carbon dioxide, which was in the past used to produce Ramune (Natural soda water).


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