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Sušac (Croatian pronunciation: [sǔːʃat͡s], meaning dry island, Italian: Cazza, Latin: Choasa) is a small rocky island in the Adriatic Sea with an area of 4.03 km2, and 16.4 km[1] of coastline southwest of Korčula and Lastovo, on the halfway to the island of Vis, in Croatia. The coast consists of slopes and cliffs over 100 m tall, but the opposite side features a natural harbour. A 19th-century lighthouse is built on top of the island. The island is also known for its little lake, which is connected to the sea through a siphon 15 m deep.


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Coordinates: 42°46′N 16°31′E / 42.767°N 16.517°E / 42.767; 16.517