Su-27 Flanker (video game)

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SU-27 Flanker
Su-27 Flanker Coverart.jpg
Developer(s) Eagle Dynamics
Publisher(s) SSI
Platform(s) MS-DOS, Windows 95
Release 1995
Genre(s) Flight simulation
Mode(s) Single-Player

Su-27 Flanker is a combat flight simulator released for the PC (DOS and Microsoft Windows) in 1995 on CD. Developed in Russia by Eagle Dynamics and published by SSI, the game takes part in Crimea allowing players to fly the SU-27 aircraft in various combat roles. The game also includes a mission editor, allowing the player to create custom gameplay scenarios.

The Windows 95 version was released first, with the DOS version being developed later.[1]

Version history[edit]


Reviewing the Windows 95 version, a Next Generation critic summarized the game as "designed for realism over ease of use." He particular noted that the notations in the cockpit are in Russian, and that the game has no introduction of any sort when it boots up, instead simply presenting a long list of files with undescriptive names, leaving the player with no idea of where to start. He concluded that serious flight sim enthusiasts should consider getting the game for its "unsurpassed" realistic modeling of the Su-27, but that anyone else would be completely lost. He scored it two out of five stars.[1]


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