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Amphibious Truck "Su-Ki"
Su-Ki Amphibious Truck.jpg
Place of originEmpire of Japan
Production history
No. built198[1]
Mass6.4 metric tons[1]
Length7.6 m[1]
Width2.2 m[1]
Height2.4 m[1]

Engine6-cylinder gasoline[1]
65 PS (64 hp; 48 kW)[1]
Speed65  km/h[1]

The Amphibious Truck "Su-Ki" was a World War II Japanese military vehicle manufactured by the Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. It entered service in 1943 and was deployed to Japanese forces in the Pacific during World War II.

Design and use[edit]

Su-Ki is the two tonner amphibious truck developed by the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA). It is based on the Toyota 4x4 truck To-Ki. It had a steel "boat shaped" hull and could operate in either 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive.[2] Su-Ki amphibious trucks were deployed to the Japanese military forces on Pacific islands during World War II. Between November 1943 and August 1944, 198 Su-Ki trucks were produced by the Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.[1][2] From the Su-Ki, the experimental "Toyota LVT" was produced.

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