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Hangul 수빈
Hanja , , , and others
Revised Romanization Su-bin
McCune–Reischauer Su-bin

Su-bin, also spelled Soo-bin, is a Korean unisex given name. Its meaning differs based on the hanja used to write each syllable of the name. There are 67 hanja with the reading "su" and 25 hanja with the reading "bin" on the South Korean government's official list of hanja which may be used in given names.[1] In 2008, Su-bin was the 9th-most-popular given name for baby girls in South Korea, with 2,069 being given the name.[2]

People with this name include:

  • Lee Soo-bin (born 1939), South Korean businessman, CEO of Samsung Life Insurance since 2008
  • Bae Soo-bin (born 1976), South Korean male actor
  • Soovin Kim (born 1976), American male violinist of Korean descent
  • Choi Su-bin (born 1988), South Korean male football player
  • Jung Soo-bin (born 1990), South Korean male baseball player
  • Chae Soo-bin (born 1994), South Korean actress
  • Park Subin (born 1994), South Korean female singer, member of Dal Shabet
  • Christine Joy Park (Korean name: Park Soo-bin, born 1994), stage name Tina, American female singer of Korean descent, member of Blady
  • Park Soo-bin (born 1996), South Korean female singer, member of Cosmic Girls
  • Jeon Su-Been (born 2003), South Korean female figure skater

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