Su Su Su Super Ki Re i

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"Su Su Su Super キ・レ・イ"
Single by Scatman John
Released 23 March 1996
Format Maxi CD single
Length 22:43
Label RCA Records
Producer(s) Tsugutoshi Goto
Scatman John singles chronology
"Only You"
"Su Su Su Super
"Pripri Scat"

"Su Su Su Super キ・レ・イ" (Rōmaji: "Kirei" meaning "beautiful") is a Scatman John single, recorded in Japan with Japanese backing musicians and released there as a tie-in to a cosmetics commercial. The song was his highest-charting single in Japan, reaching no. 16. The song is based on a series of catchy loops of party lyrics. The B-side is a solo piano cover of the Elvis Presley song "Love Me Tender", dubbed the "L.A. Unplugged Mix".

The commercials feature a slightly different mix of the track and feature Scatman speaking Japanese and promoting the product in a variety of situations, interacting with the Japanese performers. There were 4 different commercials in total, the 2nd and 4th being slight variations on the 1st and 3rd.

There was also a music video for this track. It begins with Scatman producing a bunch of flowers like a magic trick, and goes on to show Scatman riding around in a circle on a miniature trike. Later shots show Scatman dancing in a CGI kitchen and in what looks like a cellar.

Single track listing[edit]

  1. "Su Su Su Super キ・レ・イ" [Radio Edit] (3:59)
  2. "Su Su Su Super キ・レ・イ" [All Night Long Mix] (5:32)
  3. "Su Su Su Super キ・レ・イ" [Karaoke] (3:57)
  4. "Scatman (Ski Ba Dop Ba Dop Bop)" [Extended Radio] (5:11)
  5. "Love Me Tender" [L.A. Unplugged Mix] (4:04)


  • Keyboard: Tsugutoshi Goto
  • Synthesizer: Mituji Horikawa
  • Electric guitar: Masaki Suzukawa
  • Keyboard: Haruo Togasi
  • Chorus: Mai Yamane
  • Produced by Tsugutoshi Goto
  • Recorded by Masahiko Kokubo
  • Mixed by Yosinori Kaji
  • Cover design by Akihiro Ijima