Suaad Allami

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Suaad Allami

Suaad Allami is a women's rights activist.[1] Her mother encouraged her to have an education, although she herself was illiterate.[2] Allami became a women's rights lawyer.[3] She founded the NGO "Women for Progress" in 2007, and as of 2011 she directs the Women for Progress Center.[1][3][4] "Women for Progress" provides many services including legislative advocacy, vocational training, domestic violence counseling, medical exams, literacy education, child care, and exercise opportunities.[4]

Allami also founded the Sadr City Women's Center; she herself was born in Sadr.[1][4]

She received a 2009 International Women of Courage Award.[1] To celebrate her Global Vital Voices Award win, Suaad agreed to an interview with Nina magazine which resulted in a Vital Voice of Leadership story and was widely shared and publicised.