Suar Principality

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Suar or Suvar principality was a medieval statelet subject to Volga Bulgaria.

The principality appeared around the 940s CE. The population was a mix of Turkic Sabirs and local Turkic- and Uralic-speaking tribes such as the Mari. The capital was city of Suar. The ruler of Suar went by the title "Bäk" (cf. Khazar "Bek"; Turkish "Bey".)

In 975 the principality was absorbed by Volga Bulgaria. From the 11th-13th century it became a semi-autonomous province of Volga Bulgaria, until the conquest of that state by the Mongols.

List of known rulers[edit]

  • Ghabdulla bine Miqail (Abd'ullah ibn Miqa'il)
  • Talib bine Axmad (Talib ibn Ahmad)
  • Mo'min bine Axmad (Mu'min ibn Ahmad)


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