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Suarez is one of the 44 barangays in Iligan City. It is located in a hilly part west of the city. It is bounded in the west by Nunocan River and in the east by Barangay Upper Tominobo. Suarez has its own Catholic church and other Christian churches. The barangay also has its own drugstores, barber shops, grocery stores, Internet cafes, bakeshoppes and other household businesses. It also has its own public cemetery, which is located near the boundary between the latter and Upper Tominobo. Abaga Falls is located in Suarez. The people celebrate its barangay fiesta every April 5 and their patron saint is St. Vincent Ferrer.


In 2012, Suarez was the second most populated barangay of the city with a population of 16,044 [1].

Brief history[edit]

Pre-American residents[edit]

As inferred from a Supreme Court document [2], residents of the area before the American colonization included Datu Darondon, Moro couple Alanga and Datu Bunglay, Datu Durroc, brother of Alanga and sultan of Dumarao, Datu Anandog, uncle of Datu Durroc, and Dalano.

Early settlers[edit]

Before World War II[edit]

During World War II[edit]


  • Suarez Central School (formerly South-II Central School)
  • Suarez National High School
  • The Holy Family School of Iligan
  • St. Matthew Montessori School Inc.
  • St. Catherine Academy
  • Suarez Foundation Academy
  • Day Care Center(s)


  • Global Steel Philippines Incorporated (formerly National Steel Corporation).
  • Iligan Rod and Bar Mill Corporation
  • Ryan Maghanoy Corporation

Camp Climaco Pintoy[edit]

Suarez was the location of Camp Overton [3] military reservation, one of the US military bases installed in the Philippines during the occupation in the country.


Coordinates: 8°9′8″N 124°13′6″E / 8.15222°N 124.21833°E / 8.15222; 124.21833 none