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Sub Rosa is a record label based in Brussels.[1] The label was established at the end of the ‘80s, and expanded its catalogue in the mid-‘90s through the release of electronic music. Directed by Guy-Marc Hinant and Frédéric Walheer, the label has released over 250 titles. Since 2001, the label has been releasing Hinant's Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music series.

Sub Rosa releases archival material related to twentieth-century avant-garde figures, such as Marcel Duchamp, William S. Burroughs, James Joyce, and Kurt Schwitters. They have also released material from a number of important electronic music composers (Luc Ferrari, Henri Pousseur, Tod Dockstader, Nam June Paik, Francisco López), and traditional music from around the world (an anthology of Inuit work, Master Musicians of Joujouka, Tibetan and Bhutanese music recorded by John Levy).[2]

Since 2000, Hinant and Lohlé have also run a film production outfit, OME (for Observatoire des musiques électroniques, or Electronic Music Observatory). OME plans to produce documentaries on avant-garde music since World War II.

The name derives from the Latin expression sub rosa, literally translating as "under the rose," and figuratively meaning something secret or undercover.

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