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Rama killed Subhahu, smote Maricha and hurled him afar off into the ocean.jpg
Rama killed Subhahu, smote Maricha and hurled him afar off into the ocean
In-universe information

Subahu (Sanskrit: सुबाहु Subāhu, Tamil: சுபாகு Cupāku, Kannada: ಸುಬಾಹು, Thai: Sawahu) was a rakshasa character in the Ramayana. He and his mother, Tataka, took immense pleasure in harassing the munis of the jungle, especially Vishvamitra, by disrupting their yajnas with rains of flesh and blood.[1]

Vishvamitra approached Dasharatha for help in getting rid of these pestilences. Dasharatha obliged by sending two of his sons, Rama and Lakshmana, to the forest with Vishvamitra, charging them to protect both the sage and his sacrificial fires.[citation needed] When Subahu and Maricha again attempted to rain flesh and blood on the sage's yajna, Subahu was killed by Rama. [2] Maricha escaped to Lanka. In the fear of Rama, he lived as a sage but was then ordered by Ravana to trick Rama into hunting him down. Maricha refused and tried to presaude Ravana to not do such a dreadful task but Ravana insisted and threatened to kill him. Maricha eventually decided to be killed by Rama since it was honourable to die at the hands of God rather than Ravana. He was eventually killed by Rama when he took the form deer.


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