Subaru Kimura

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Subaru Kimura
Native name
木村 昴
Samuel Bartsch

(1990-06-29) June 29, 1990 (age 28)[1]
Leipzig, Germany[1]
Years active2000–present
AgentAtomic Monkey
Height181 cm (5 ft 11 in)[1]

Subaru Kimura (木村 昴, Kimura Subaru, born June 29, 1990 in Leipzig, Germany as Samuel Bartsch) is a German Japanese actor, voice actor and singer. His best-known role is voicing Takeshi Goda in the Doraemon series, which has spawned numerous specials.


Kimura was born in Leipzig and raised in Japan. After spending 7 years in Germany, after returning to the theater company belongs to a Sanno Production. In 2002, he appeared as a tap dancer in the Broadway musical Annie and started a career. Graduated from Harumi Sogo High School, drop out of Asia University.

When he was in elementary school, He appeared as an elementary school student who resembled Kenji Haga in the impersonation program "Mimakin" of Nippon TV, surprised all the performers. That triggered several times with the name Minimini Haga Kenji at "Japanese imitation battle" of Nippon TV.

From April 15, 2005, in the TV Asahi's anime series Doraemon, he becomes the new voice of Takeshi Goda. Initially handed over was an active junior high school student. Because he thought that the tatakabe wanted to drink alcohol with a person who succeeded in the role of giant, he was disappointed to learn that his successor Kimura was a junior high school student, wanted to live a long life and drink together for another five years Told. Immediately after Kimura turned 20 years old on June 29, 2010, it was realized to go drink together. Also, Kubura Kubura listened to the death of Kazuya Tatekabe and sent a message to the memorial through Twitter.


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