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For a complete overview of each generation, see Subaru Legacy

Legacy BL, Legacy BP
Manufacturer Subaru (Fuji Heavy Industries)
Production 2003–2009
Body and chassis
Body style Four-door sedan
Five-door wagon
Layout All-wheel drive
Related Subaru Outback
Subaru Tribeca
Subaru Exiga

2.0L SOHC EJ20 H4
2.0L DOHC EJ20 H4
2.0L DOHC Turbo EJ20 H4
2.0L DOHC TD EE20 H4
2.5L SOHC EJ253 H4
2.5L DOHC Turbo EJ255 H4

3.0L EZ30 DOHC H6
Transmission 4-speed automatic
5-speed automatic
5-speed manual
6-speed manual
Wheelbase 105.1 in (2,670 mm)
Length 4,665 mm (183.66 in) (sedan)
4,793 mm (188.7 in) (wagon)
4,796 mm (188.8 in) (2008–2009)
Width 1,730 mm (68.1 in)
Height 1,480 mm (58.1 in) (wagon)
1,420 mm (56.1 in) (sedan)
1,440 mm (56.5 in) (Spec B Sedan)
Curb weight 1,600 kg (3,500 lb) max
Predecessor Subaru Legacy (third generation)
Successor Subaru Legacy (fifth generation)

The fourth generation of the Subaru Legacy was introduced in 2003 and saw a complete redesign of the Legacy on an all-new platform.

Japanese model[edit]

Subaru Legacy B4 GT Asterope

On May 23, 2003, Fuji Heavy Industries debuted the fourth generation Legacy B4 Sedan and Touring Wagon for the Japanese Domestic Market with tagline Blood type:B4 and the commercial song are the remixed version of GYMNOPEDIE No.1. The Legacy was presented the 2003–2004 Japan Car of the Year, Subaru's first win for the award. in 2005 Bruce Willis was return as a spokesman for second time after first generation in 1991 to 1993 with tagline I feel LEGACY.

Starting with this generation, Subaru installed an electroluminescent instrument cluster which lights up when the engine is started, regardless if the exterior lights are on.

For the home market, the Legacy B4 and Touring Wagon were offered in 2.0i, 2.0R, 2.0GT, 2.0GT spec.B, 3.0R, and 3.0R spec.B trim levels. The base model 2.0i has SOHC version of EJ20 engine producing 140 PS, and the 2.0R comes with 165 PS DOHC engine. The turbocharged EJ20 DOHC engine installed in the 2.0GT and 2.0GT spec.B producing 280 PS. The 3.0R and 3.0R spec.B are powered by the new 250 PS 6-cylinder EZ30 engine.

To commemorate Subaru's 50 years of making automobiles, the 50th Anniversary Legacy was released in January 2004. This special edition model was based on the Legacy 2.0R, and 2.0GT.

Subaru Legacy Blitzen Touring Wagon

The Legacy Blitzen of December 2004 is the special edition based on the 2.0GT B4 and Touring Wagon. These high-performance sports models came with special colour bright red, sports suspension, 18-inch alloys, unique grille, and aero-style bumpers.

Based on the Legacy 2.0GT spec.B B4 and Touring Wagon, the WR-Limited 2004 was released in July 2004, and the 2.0GT-based WR-Limited 2005 was launched in August 2005. The WR-Limited models were painted in WR Blue Mica, and came with Gold alloy wheels, front under spoiler, special blue and black seats, and special emblems.

Also added to the Japanese line-up in August 2005 was the Legacy 2.0GT spec.B tuned by STI. This sports model has Bilstein suspension, 6-speed manual, STI genome exhaust, Brembo brakes (4-piston front, 2-piston rear) and 18-inch alloy wheels by STI.

Facelift model[edit]

The facelifted Subaru Legacy B4 2.0R (Japan)

The Japanese Legacy received a cosmetic update in May 2006. Notable changes included new bumpers, headlights, front fenders, grille, and rear combination lamps. This facelift trickled down to export models in 2007.

Although model grades remained largely unchanged, the number of option packages available for certain grades reduced. The base model 2.0i Touring Wagon could also be ordered as the Casual Selection model. Urban Selection models were added to the 2.0R, 2.0GT, and 2.0GT SI-Cruise. The 2.0R was also offered as B-Sports Limited version.

EyeSight (2008–09)[edit]

On 2008-05-08, Subaru announced the EyeSight models for Japanese market.[1] It consists of 2 CCD cameras with one on each side of the rear-view mirror, that use human like stereoscopic vision to judge distances and generally keep tabs on the driver. The system can help you keep your distance on the highway, a lane departure warning system, a wake up call should everyone pull away from the lights but you, and even keeps an eye out for pedestrians.[2] SI-Cruise has been integrated into the EyeSight feature as a driver safety aid. EyeSight was a new brand name for a safety system Subaru had previously introduced in Japan only in the 1999 Subaru Lancaster (Outback) called Active Driving Assist (ADA)

EyeSight models were available for Touring Wagon 2.0GT and 3.0R, B4 3.0R, Outback 3.0R. All EyeSight models include Sportshift E-5AT transmission.

STI S402 (DBA-BL9/DBA-BP9) (2008–2009)[edit]

The Legacy STI S402 is a limited edition (402 units) high-performance series for the Japanese market. It includes a 2.5L twin scroll turbo engine rated 285 PS (210 kW; 281 hp) at 5600 rpm and 392 N·m (289 lb·ft) at 2000–4800 rpm, Bilstein shocks, 18x8-inch BBS forged wheels (from S203, S204) with Potenza RE050A 235/40R18 91W tires, Brembo 6-piston front and 2-piston rear brake calipers (from Subaru Impreza type RA-R), Vehicle Dynamic Control stability control. A special serial number plate is added to the center console and engine bay VIN plate.

Variable valve timing was added. ECU was updated to improve acceleration. [3]

S402 was available in sedan and wagon bodies.[4][5]

American model[edit]

2005 Subaru Legacy 2.5GT Limited Sedan (USA)

Subaru of America commenced production of the Legacy BL and BP in January 2004 for the United States and Canadian markets. Lance Armstrong was used as a spokesman for both the sedan and wagon, and Sheryl Crow sang her 1996 hit "Everyday Is a Winding Road" in USA market commercials also the Lafayette Factory built Subaru Legacy wins 2005 International Car of the Year for Most Dependable/Sedan from Road & Travel Magazine and 2005 Automobile All-Stars for All-Star Family Car from Automobile Magazine.

It marked the return of a turbocharged engine to the North American Legacy, featuring a 2.5-liter unit derived from that of the North American Impreza WRX STI. Due to advancements in turbocharger technology and tightening emission standards, the twin-turbo setup was dropped from the lineup. Turbocharged models and the H6 offered Subaru's first 5-speed automatic transmission, featuring SportShift technology licensed from Prodrive, Ltd.

The 2005 model year Legacy for the US market was offered in 2.5i, 2.5i Limited, 2.5GT, and 2.5GT Limited. All trim levels were available as Sedan and Wagon. The wagon body shared the roof sheet metal with the Outback model that had raised metal "humps" under the roof rails, unlike the Japanese and European wagons that had a sleeker roof. Another difference from other overseas markets, was that both sedan and wagon had longer front and rear bumpers, designed to meet the Canadian 5-mph bumper specification.

For 2006, the regular GT was dropped, and the 2.5i Special Edition was added into the line up. Manual transmission is also discontinued in station wagon body. Priced between the base and the Limited models, the 2.5i Special Edition came with power moonroof and power driver seat, while the 2.5i Limited also came with leather interior, power front passenger seat, and climate control automatic air condition.

The high-performance Subaru Legacy 2.5GT spec.B arrived as a 500-unit limited edition model for the 2006 model year in America, and became a regular model for the next following years. It has Bilstein shock absorbers and 18-inch alloy wheels for better handling, Vehicle Dynamics Control, and from 2007, 6-speed manual gearbox and the Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-Drive) with three modes: Intelligent, Sport, and Sport Sharp. The 2.5GT spec.B model is only available in the sedan body and not the station wagon body.

2008 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Wagon (Canada)

For the 2008 model year, the Legacy sedan received facelift with new bumpers, front fenders, tail lights, and alloy wheels. By this time the Legacy wagon and Outback sedan were discontinued in the United States, leaving the Legacy sedan and Outback wagon. The Legacy wagon was not discontinued in Canada. 2008 also brought the 3.0 L flat-6 engine to the North American Legacy sedan in the 3.0R Limited trim level. The flat-6 has been available in the Outback sedan wagon since 2000. For 2008, the 2.5i USA model has been certified PZEV emissions, and a badge has been attached to the rear of the vehicle on the bottom right hand side of the trunklid or tailgate. All other models are certified LEV2. The PZEV Legacy is available for sale in all 50 states, unlike other manufacturers who only sell PZEV certified vehicles in states that have adopted California emission standards.

European Model[edit]

Subaru Legacy 2.0D diesel (Europe)

Ecomatic Autogas Hybrid (2007–)[edit]

The Ecomatic Autogas Hybrid is a version of the Legacy with the 2.0R or 2.5i engine that can run on LPG for the German market.[6]

Diesel (2008–)[edit]

The Subaru EE flat-4 diesel engine is offered in both the Legacy and Outback sedans and wagons, identified as the Subaru Legacy 2.0D, the vehicle was released in the EU starting March 2008. The vehicle is offered with a 5-speed manual transmission only.

The official introduction of the Legacy and Outback diesel was at the Geneva AutoShow in March, 2008.[7][8][9]

Australian Model[edit]

2006–2009 Subaru Liberty sedan

The Liberty BL and BP were offered in Australia from 2004. Initially the model grades were 2.0i, 2.5i, 2.0GT, 3.0R, and 3.0R spec.B. The 2.5i could also be ordered with Luxury Pack (in-dash CD Player, leather interior, power driver's seat, sunroof), Safety Pack (dual front side and curtain airbags), or Premium Pack which is the combination of Luxury and Safety Packs. Premium Pack was also offered for the GT. In 2006 the Liberty 2.0i became 2.0R, and the 3.0R spec.B was also available as Blitzen model with sport grill and aero bumpers. For 2007 model year the Liberty GT and new GT spec.B received bigger 2.5-liter turbocharged engine.


Subaru Outback
05-07 Subaru Outback wagon.jpg
Also called Subaru Legacy Outback (Japan and Europe)
Production 2003–2009
2004–2009 (Lafayette Factory)
Body and chassis
Body style 5-door station wagon
4-door sedan (USA only from 2005 to 2007)
Engine 2.5L SOHC 175 hp (130 kW) H4
2.5L DOHC 250 hp (186 kW) H4 turbo
3.0L DOHC 243 hp (181 kW) H6
2.0L turbodiesel 148 hp (110 kW) H4 (EU)
Transmission 4-speed automatic
5-speed manual
5-speed automatic
Wheelbase 2,670 mm (105.1 in)
Length 4,793 mm (188.7 in) (2005–07 wagon)
4,729 mm (186.2 in) (sedan)
4,801 mm (189 in) (2008–09 wagon)
Width 1,770 mm (69.7 in)
Height 1,605 mm (63.2 in) (2005–07 wagon)
1,501 mm (59.1 in) (sedan)
1,565 mm (61.6 in) (2008–09 base wagon)
Subaru Outback Limited sedan (US)
Pre-facelift Subaru Outback (Australia)
Facelift Subaru Outback (Australia)
Facelift Subaru Outback (Australia)
Facelift Subaru Outback (US)

October 22, 2003, with the debut of the third-generation Legacy at the 60th Frankfurt Auto Show, the Outback name is now being used in all markets with the launch of the third-generation Outback wagon, in order to rationalize the name Outback, which prior to then had only been used in export markets. Models equipped with a 3.0 L H6 were introduced at the 2004 Chicago Auto Show. The ground clearance is 8.5 in (220 mm).

The Outback carries the same model codes as the Legacy Wagon, BP9 for the 2.5 liter, and BPE for the 3.0-liter model. The highest trim level offered in the USA is the Outback L.L. Bean that offers optional equipment as standard, including wood and leather steering wheel, an auxiliary port on the stereo for MP3 player compatibility, perforated leather seats, GPS navigation, double sized, one piece, glass moonroof and the H6. Starting with this generation, the interior retractable rear cargo cover has a separate storage compartment in the spare tire storage area so that the cargo cover can be removed for large items but stored inside the vehicle and out of the way.

A new Outback variant for 2005+ is the Outback XT. This model comes with Subaru's turbocharged 2.5L 4-cylinder engine found in the Impreza WRX model. This engine produces 243 hp (181 kW), which is much higher than the naturally aspirated 2.5L producing 175 hp (130 kW). The XT model can be equipped with any of the 3 standard transmissions: 4-speed Auto-SportShift, 5-speed Auto-SportShift, or 5-speed manual.

In July 2008, Subaru ceased offering a special edition L.L. Bean trim level on the Outback.[10] Subaru beefed up their AWD 4EAT transmission's design and released the 5EAT w/ SportShift in 2005 The Outback received styling revisions for the 2008 model year, notably an enlarged, chrome-ringed grille. As of the 2008 model year, the Legacy wagon and Outback sedan were discontinued in the United States, leaving the Legacy sedan and Outback wagon. The JDM and EU diesel model has a "Start/Stop" button (in the top-of-the-line-model), found in Lexus, Infiniti, Audi and other high end makers.

For 2008, the 2.5i USA model has been certified PZEV emissions, and a badge has been attached to the rear of the vehicle on the bottom right hand side of the tailgate. All other models are certified LEV2. The PZEV Outback is available for sale in all 50 states, unlike other manufacturers who only sell PZEV certified vehicles in states that have adopted California emission standards.

In 2007, the Outback (along with the Ford Mondeo) won Top Gear's "Car of the Year" award.[11]


Starting May 2008, the Japanese-spec Legacy could be fitted with a new safety feature called EyeSight. It consists of two cameras, one on each side of the rear-view mirror, that use human-like stereoscopic vision to judge distances and generally keep tabs on the driver. The system helps maintain a safe distance on the highway, warns the driver during unintended lane departure, emits a wake up call should everyone else pull away from the traffic lights, and keeps an eye out for pedestrians.[12][13] SI-Cruise has been integrated into the EyeSight feature as a driver safety aid.


The Subaru EE series flat-4 diesel engine is offered in both Legacy and Outback models in Europe exclusively. Identified as the Subaru Outback 2.0D, the vehicle was released March 2008. The vehicle is offered with a 5-speed manual transmission only. The official introduction of the Legacy and Outback diesel was at the Geneva Motor Show in March, 2008.

According to the Subaru Owners on-line newsletter dated March 2008, Subaru is "currently making modifications to the diesel so it meets the more stringent U.S. standards. Subaru diesel models should be domestically available in two to three years."[14][15][16]

Liberty GT tuned by STi (2006 & 2008)[edit]

In 2006, Subaru released the 300 units limited edition Liberty GT tuned by STi based on the 2.0GT Sedan and Wagon. The facelift versions of 250 units were released for 2008 model year and powered by the 2.5-liter turbo engine. The modified EJ255 engine is rated 264 PS (194 kW; 260 hp) at 6000 rpm and 350 N·m (260 lb·ft) at 2800 rpm. It includes Bilstein shocks, rear suspension kit with partial ball bearing-jointed bushes, 5 mm (0.2 in) lower springs, Brembo brakes (4-piston front, 2-piston rear) with stainless steel mesh-type brake hose, 18-inch ENKEI wheels (2.5 kg (5.5 lb) lighter over stock), front and rear STI spoilers, leather and alcantara front seats, 8-way power driver seat with memory settings.[17]


Chassis types[edit]

body styles sedan wagon
code BL BP


Model Year Type (code) Power, torque@rpm
2.0i 2003–2005 2.0L H4 (EJ20) 138 hp (103 kW)
2.0R 2003–2007 1,994 cc (1.994 L; 121.7 cu in) H4 (EJ20) 165 hp (123 kW)
2007– 1,994 cc (1.994 L; 121.7 cu in) H4 (EJ20) 150 PS (110 kW; 150 hp), 196 N·m (145 lb·ft)@3200
2.0GT 2003–2008 2.0L H4 turbo (EJ20 TD04 HLA) manual 280 PS (210 kW; 280 hp)@6400, 343 N·m (253 lb·ft)@2400
2.0L H4 turbo (EJ20 VF38) auto 260 PS (190 kW; 260 hp)@6400, 343 N·m (253 lb·ft)@2400
2.5i 2003–2005 2.5L EJ253 H4 / Compression ratio 10,0:1 165 hp (123 kW)@5600, 226 N·m (167 lb·ft)@4400
2007– 2,457 cc (2.457 L; 149.9 cu in) H4 (EJ253) 173 PS (127 kW; 171 hp)@6000, 227 N·m (167 lb·ft)@4400
2.5GT 2.5L H4 turbo (EJ255) 250 hp (186 kW)@6,000, 330 N·m (240 lb·ft)@3,600
3.0R 2003–2009 3,000 cc (3.0 L; 180 cu in) H6 (EZ30) 245 PS (180 kW; 242 hp)@6600, 297 N·m (219 lb·ft)@4200
GT STi 2008 264 PS (194 kW; 260 hp)@6000, 350 N·m (260 lb·ft)@2800
STi S402 2008–2009 2,457 cc (2.457 L; 149.9 cu in) H4 AVCS twin scroll turbo (EJ25) 285 PS (210 kW; 281 hp)@5600, 392 N·m (289 lb·ft)@2000–4800
2.0D 1,998 cc (1.998 L; 121.9 cu in) H4 turbo (EE20) 150 PS (110 kW; 150 hp)@3600, 350 N·m (260 lb·ft)@1800

The normally aspirated engines were revised for increased power and torque.


Models Years Type (code)
2.0i, 2.0R MY03-MY09 5-speed manual, 4-speed automatic
2.5i MY04-MY09 5-speed manual, 4-speed automatic
2.0GT MY04-MY06 5-speed manual, 5-speed automatic
2.5GT MY07-MY09 5-speed manual, 5-speed automatic
2.5GT spec.B MY07–MY09 6-speed manual, 5-speed automatic
3.0R MY03-MY09 5-speed Manual, 5-speed automatic
3.0R spec.B MY04-MY09 6 speed manual, 5-speed automatic with paddle shift
Liberty GT tuned by STI MY06 5-speed manual, 5-speed automatic
Liberty GT tuned by STI MY07 & MY08 6-speed manual, 5-speed automatic with paddle shift
STI S402 2008–2009 6-speed manual
  • All models are equipped with electronic/Drive by Wire throttle control

The manual transmission model has center differential. However, the automatic ones has an electronically controlled clutch which provides the power to the back wheels.[18]

The front suspension is a MacPherson strut suspension and the rear is multilink one.[19]

The fuel tank has a capacity of 64 liter (17 US gal). The wagon has 459 liter, the sedan 433 liter of trunk space. Only in the wagon there are split-folding rear seats and using that option all together 1628 liter trunk space.

The bonnet, fifth door, steering column and some parts are made of aluminum to reduce further weight.[20]

Subaru Legacy 2.5i PZEV sedan rear

All automatic transmission models include Sportshift manual gear selection mode.

MY07-MY09 (both spec.B and non-spec.B) models include Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-DRIVE), which includes 3 vehicle performance modes with unique settings for engine control unit (ECU)/ Transmission control unit (TCU).


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