Subaru Rally Team USA

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United States Subaru Rally Team USA
Founded 201
Team principal(s) Lance Smith
Current series Rally America, Global RallyCross
Former series SCCA ProRally
Noted drivers

Isle of Man David Higgins United States Travis Pastrana United States Bucky Lasek

Norway Sverre Isachsen

Subaru Rally Team USA (SRT USA) is Subaru's rally team that participates in events in the United States and its operations are managed by Vermont SportsCar, previously Prodrive.


The team was started in 2000 with cars prepared by Prodrive and raced in the SCCA ProRally championship and continued until 2004. In 2006, the team management was handed over to Vermont SportsCar.

(From Vermont SportsCar site) "Since 2001 Vermont SportsCar has had a relationship with Subaru of America who has served as both a sponsor and partner. Subaru utilizes the sport of rallying to promote their line-up of all-wheel-drive vehicles, specifically the Subaru Impreza WRX STI which has dominated rallying in both the USA and internationally for well over a decade.

Starting in 2006 Vermont SportsCar began managing the operations of Subaru Rally Team USA, the two-car high-profile rally team that officially represents Subaru of America. Starting that first year in 2006 Vermont SportsCar took Subaru Rally Team USA to four straight Rally America National Championship driver’s titles with driver Travis Pastrana (2006-2009).

In 2010 the team welcomed Dave Mirra to a full time role as the team’s 2nd driver alongside Pastrana, who was participating in a limited schedule of events. In 2011 Pastrana left the team to pursue NASCAR and was replaced by multi-time British and American rally champion David Higgins.

Subaru Rally Team USA has been a seminal force in the rise in popularity of rallying in North America.

Subaru Rally Team USA utilizes the Subaru Impreza WRX STI and rally prepares the cars nearly entirely in-house at Vermont SportsCar, including the shell prep, roll-cages, engines and many of the composite parts. The same highly skilled rally technicians that build each of team’s cars are the same technicians that travel to each rally to work as the on-event service crew.

Although Subaru Rally Team USA primarily competes in the Rally America National Championship and Global Rallycross Championship, the team also competes occasionally in the Canadian Rally Championship, the X Games and the World Rally Championship.


Subaru Rally Team USA participates in Rally America events, Canadian Rally Championship events, and previously participated in the World Rally Championship for a short time. They have won the Rally America championship seven times, with Travis Pastrana winning four times, and David Higgins winning two times. On 2003, SRTUSA driver Ramana Lagemann raced in the Group N class in the Rally New Zealand.

On January 18, 2012, Vermont SportsCar announced that David Higgins would continue on the team, but Dave Mirra would only attend rallycross events, but not rally events due to event conflicts.

Subaru Rally Team USA announced in 2014 that Travis Pastrana will be re-joining the team along with new co-driver Chrissie Beavis, and that Dave Mirra will be released from the team due to budget reasons.


The team participates in the Global RallyCross Championship and X-Games. On 2006 and 2007, Colin McRae participated in X-Games with Subaru. He rolled the car due to an awkwardly landed jump, but still managed to finish in second place, right behind Travis Pastrana.

On May 4, 2012, Subaru announced their new partnership with Puma and their new rallycross team, Subaru Puma Rallycross Team USA. The three-driver team consists of Dave Mirra, Bucky Lasek, and Sverre Isachsen.[1] On September 11, 2013, SRT USA contracted their Global Rallycross effort to two cars, releasing Dave Mirra.[2]

Championship wins[edit]

Season Driver Co-Driver
2001 United Kingdom Mark Lovell United States Frank Cunningham
2006 United States Travis Pastrana Sweden Christian Edstrom
2007 United States Travis Pastrana Sweden Christian Edstrom
2008 United States Travis Pastrana United Kingdom Derek Ringer
2009 United States Travis Pastrana United Kingdom Derek Ringer
2011 Isle of Man David Higgins England Craig Drew
2012 Isle of Man David Higgins England Craig Drew
2013 Isle of Man David Higgins England Craig Drew
2014 Isle of Man David Higgins England Craig Drew

Video games[edit]

SRT USA heavily appeared in the racing game Colin McRae: DiRT 2 with 2008 drivers Ken Block, Travis Pastrana, and Dave Mirra. The #199 and #40 SRT USA cars also appeared in DiRT 3 Ramana Lagemann's SCCA ProRally #4 rally car appears on the cover Colin McRae Rally 2005. SRT USA cars also are included in Rallisport Challenge, Rallisport Challenge 2, Colin McRae Rally 04, Project Gotham Racing, V-Rally 3, and Sega Rally Revo.


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