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Origin Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada
Genres Punk rock, ska punk, hardcore punk, reggae
Years active 1992-2010, 2015
Labels Stomp, One Big Family Records, Underworld Records
Members Jeff Quesnel
Mart Charron
Math Goyette
Stef Gauthier
JF Lague
Past members Nick Poissant
Jeepy Paiement
Jonh Génier
Chris Roy
Fred Gagné

Subb was a Canadian ska punk band formed in November 1992 in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. Since their beginning in the early 90's, the band released four full-length albums, one EP and one split CD on the labels Stomp Records and Underworld Records. Though they experienced several lineup changes over the years, founding members Mart Charron and Stef Gauthier remained in the group. The band's musical style initially blended elements of punk rock, ska, and hardcore into a genre popularly known as ska punk or "ska-core," which characterized their first two albums. In 2002 they shifted gears, moving away from this sound and producing an album with a heavy pop punk influence. After a brief hiatus in 2003, the band moved back towards their ska, punk and hardcore elements.

Band history[edit]

1992-1995: The early years[edit]

Subb formed in 1992 in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec under the name Society Under Babbling Boobs(S.U.B.B.). The band's original lineup consisted of Mart Charron on vocals & guitar, Fred Gagné on lead guitar, Stef Gauthier on bass, and Chris Roy on drums. This lineup lasted two years until Fred and Chris left the group in 1994. Jeepy Paiement joined the band in December 1994 as the new drummer. The trio spent the next 3 months writing songs before recording their first demo tape during the summer. That's when the band decided to drop the acronyme and just called themselves; Subb.

1996-1999: Underworld Records years[edit]

In 1995, Subb met singer Jeff Quesnel and he would be a turning point in the band's future sound. Later that year, Jonh Génier replaced Jeepy on drums, but he was himself soon replaced by Nick Poissant and Subb signed to Underworld Records, a Montreal-based record label. 1996 saw the arrival of a second guitarist, Math Goyette and the release of their first CD, Two ban' an' a split, a split album with friends Thirdfall. Nick left the band in September 1997 and was replaced by JF Lague. In December, their first full-length release "The Highstep to Hell" came and received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. The song "Mister Gun" was soon to become a fan favorite and the band supported their release by touring across Canada. In November 1998 the band released a 100% auto-produced EP entitled Like Kids in a Field and kept on touring to support their DIY release during the next year.

2000-2002: Stomp Records years(Part one)[edit]

In September 1999, Subb signed to Stomp Records and in March 2000, Subb released "Until the party ends". This record was a new chapter in the bands young career with its mix of raw energy of punk rock with sweet stylings of ska and reggae music. They have toured extensively in 2000 to support "Until the party ends". After taking part in the national Vans "State of the Union" Tour with label-mates Reset and Men O' Steel, the band went on to play the Montreal and Toronto stops of the Vans Warped Tour. Also, they have toured a lot in Quebec, Ontario and the Canadian east coast with bands such as Less Than Jake, Suicide Machines, Strung out, No Motiv, Samiam and The Planet Smashers. The videos for the singles "L.A. Beach Bum" brought their sound to a wider audience as it was put into heavy rotation on MusiquePlus and has been featured on Much Music as well as being the indie spotlight.

2001 started off well for the band has they played the MusiquePlus "Jam des neiges 2001" alongside Orgy and Crazy Town in front of an audience of 10 000 people. In April, Subb crossed the pond and toured Europe for 3 weeks, playing gigs all across Switzerland and Germany. As soon as they got back from Europe, they were on the road again, this time touring Canada from coast to coast with ska superstars The Planet Smashers. After the two-month tour, Subb played again at the Vans Warped tour on the local Union stage, in front of 8000 crazy fans, in Montreal and Toronto. The launch of the re-released "The Ultimate Highstep to Hell" was played in front of a sold-out crowd at Montreal's The Spectrum.

The year 2002 saw the launch of "Daylight Saving", Subb's second full length original album for STOMP Records. In terms of touring, Subb headlined the very successful Molson Dry/Musique Plus 123 Punk Tour in April and May. In the summer, the band played the Ramprage event with Pennywise and played 3 dates (Boston, Montreal, Toronto)on the Vans Warped Tour on the Union Stage. Subb put out 3 videos from this record, "Daylight Saving", the title track, "Twenty-One" and Out of the line’’. "Twenty-One" received airplay on Musique Plus, Much Music and Much Loud. "Out of the Line" was also added into rotation on MuchLoud. At the end of this year they did a regional Quebec and Ontario tour with Big Wig and Jettison.

2003-2010; Stomp records years(Part two)[edit]

After a short hiatus in early 2003, the band started working on new songs and kept on doing so for the next 2 years. In April 2006, the band's latest album "The Motions" came out. Their 4th full-length album was recorded at Piccolo studios in Montreal (The Sainte Catherines, Voivod, Simple Plan, etc.) and produced by Frank Joly. With the release of The Motions, Subb is set to raise the bar a lot bit higher, mixing their distinctive brand of melodic punk rock with reggae, ska and even a little hardcore just for good measure. Phenomenal production and insightful songwriting round out what will prove to be their finest album to date. The video for the single "The Motions" has been added to heavy rotation on MusiquePlus and MuchMusic, while MuchLoud, Edge TV and MTV Canada has featured the video several times. Subb have also been touring extensively in 2006. The band took part of the national 2006 GRIND tour in May, with Mad Caddies, Satanic Surfers, The Loved ones and label-mates The Resistance. In the summer, they played several dates in Quebec and Ontario to support their new album "The Motions" and also played the Toronto and Montreal stops of the Vans Warped Tour.

In 2007, they were invited by the Vulgaires Machins for a series of shows across the beautiful province. With Akuma also on the bill, the tour was spread throughout February, March and April. And, although every show was sick, the one at Metropolis in Montreal stuck out the most. In April, The Motions came out in Japan on One Big Family Records, and the band was invited to the land of the Samurai for a tour. Despite the language barrier and huge cultural shock, it was one of the band's best tour ever. Packed shows, incredible fans, and treated like kings by One Big Family records. November also saw the video for “The Factories” become “Buzzclip” at Musique Plus and receive an exceptional visibility. It has also lingered in the daily top 5 for weeks.

Plans for 2008? Here's what the band members had to say about it ; We've already recording demo tracks as we already close to 20 new songs. We'll take the next couple of months to continue to write new songs and eventually and hopefully put out a new record in early '09. As for musical direction, we're shifting towards uniting Ska and Opera/musical...ok, we're just playing with ya;) But you know us by now, it should be a logical step from “The Motions”, stay tuned!

The album "To This Beat" was released on May 2, 2009 on Stomp Records. The record explodes back onto the scene with a career-defining collection of summertime bangers. The boys enlisted the help of good friend and reggae dancehall legend Jah Cutta to dive even deeper into the roots of ska music with heartfelt tributes to their home town (I Heart Montreal), reggae music and culture (Shottas & Mount Zion). Don’t worry though, tracks like “The Black Hand”, Hiro Nakamura” and “Black Gold” balance out the record perfectly with Subb’s signature brand of melodic, blazing and upbeat punk rock. Insightful, fiercely political and unflinching; Subb is still standing strong as one of the best international ska punk outfits in the game today.

In December 2009, the band was officially on hiatus. Then, they've announced that they were disbanding at the beginning of Spring 2010. One last tour was announced, and a digital record with demos, rarities and dubs was coming up in September 2010. The "Zero To Zero Tour '10" took place from September 2010 to November 2010. Subb gave their last performance on November 20, in their hometown of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu surrounded by their friends and families.

Life after Subb : Projects; 2010-present[edit]

Jeff Quesnel is working on his solo career, oriented towards reggae and dub music. He also played in Don't Push, a Sublime tribute band with JF Lague on drums, and he was a guest singer for The Stomp All Stars, a Montreal cover band that is paying tribute to the best of ska and reggae music around the world. On June 19, 2012, his solo debut album "Yes Me Lion!" was released as a digital project. The 12 track album features guest artist Jah Cutta and hip hop mc Dannu of the collective Visionaries. Math Goyette played additional guitars on the record and Stephan Gauthier did the artwork. "Yes Me Lion!" is available at

Martin Charron and Stephan Gauthier are in a band called "Low Dead Volume". Their first demo The Mantis was released in December 2011 and is available at

Band members[edit]

Subb lineups
live shows only
Period (demo)
live shows only
Two ban' an' a split
The Highstep to hell
Like kids in a field
Until the party ends
Daylight Saving
The Motions
To This Beat
Zero To Zero



Year Title Label Other information
1997 The Highstep To Hell Underworld Records Recorded at Studio Nicko
2000 Until the Party Ends Stomp Records Recorded at Studio Nicko
2002 Daylight Saving Recorded at Studio Morin Heights
2006 The Motions Recorded at Studio Piccolo
2009 To This Beat Recorded at Studio Momentum
2010 Zero to Zero Digital release only


Year Title Label Other information
1996 Two ban' an' split Underworld Split release with Thirdfall. 6 Subb songs. Out of print.
1998 Like Kids in a Field Underworld Records 7 songs CD. Out of print


Year Title Label Other information
1995 Period (demo) Suck it Records First and only demo released. 10 songs. 800 copies produced. Out of print.


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