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subconscious music is a record label created by Steven Severin, co-founder of Siouxsie and the Banshees and latterly a soundtrack composer, which has released several works by him and Arban Severin. Recordings from the label are available via Severin's website and his and Arban Severins MySpace pages, and are also available by download (details per websites mentioned).

Discography & notes[edit]

  • Beauty & the Beast (2005) Arban & Steven Severin. Commissioned for the dance performance of the same name by Shakti, performed by her and the Vasanta Male Dance Company.
  • London Voodoo (2006) Steven Severin. Original soundtrack for the 2004 Robert Pratten film (link is to film article).
  • Nature Morte (2006) Arban & Steven Severin. Original soundtrack.

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