Subcostalis muscle

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Subcostalis muscle
Origin inner surface of one rib
Insertion inner surface of the second or third rib below, near its angle
Nerve intercostal nerves
Actions depresses ribs.
Latin musculus subcostalis
TA A04.4.01.015
FMA 71315
Anatomical terms of muscle

The Subcostales (singular: subcostalis) (Infracostales) consist of muscular and aponeurotic fasciculi, which are usually well-developed only in the lower part of the thorax; each originates from the inner surface of one rib, and is inserted into the inner surface of the second or third rib below, near its angle.

Their fibers run in the same direction as those of the Intercostales interni.

The function of this muscle is unknown, but it is part of the innermost intercostal muscle group along with the transversus thoracis muscle which is known to be a synergist in aiding the internal intercostal muscles with forced exhalation.


This article incorporates text in the public domain from the 20th edition of Gray's Anatomy (1918)