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Subdistrict is a low-level administrative division of a District.

In England and Wales, it was part of a registration district. In India, Census India calls the units below the districts, and they are usually called tehsil (taluk/ taluka / mandal). In Thailand, it may refer to the amphoe or the tambon.

By higher-level entity[edit]

Set Notes
Subdistricts of Bangladesh (Bengali: উপজেলা,pronounced: "upo-jela" lit. "sub-district")
Subdistricts of China (Chinese: 街道; pinyin: jiēdào, literally "Street")
Subdistricts of East Timor (Portuguese: subdistrito)
Subdistricts of Mandatory Palestine (qadaa in Arab)
Subdistricts of the Ottoman Empire (kaza in Turkish)
Subdistricts of Israel
Subdistricts of India (tehsil / mandal in India)
Subdistricts of Thailand (amphoe / tambon in Thailand)