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Sub-Districts of Indonesia (Indonesian: Kecamatan) are third-level administrative subdivision, immediately below the Regency-City (Indonesian: Kabupaten-Indonesian: Kota) subdivision and above the Administrative Villages Indonesian: Kelurahan. The English name Sub-District for Kecamatan emphasized the position of Kecamatan as below the District-level subdivisions of Regency Indonesian: Kabupaten and City Indonesian: Kota.

In Indonesia, all third-level administrative subdivisions are officially known as Sub-Districts (Kecamatan), with the exception of the Province of Papua and West Papua, which instead used the term District (Indonesia Distrik) for the same administrative level with Kecamatan.[1] To reduce confusion, the Indonesian translation of the third-level administrative subdivision will be mainly used: Kecamatan for Sub-District, and Distrik for District.


Kecamatan (Distrik for the Province of Papua and West Papua) are Sub-District Administrations. A Kecamatan is a non-autonomous administrative unit headed by a Camat (or Kepala Distrik (District Head) in case of Papua and West Papua).[1] One Kecamatan generally headed about 20 Administrative Villages.[2] The Kecamatan office is in charge of the administration of the Sub-District's social welfare and economic affairs.[1] Some national government departments have branches in the Kecamatan office.

Lists of Kecamatans by province[edit]

In Indonesia, there are currently 3,841 Kecamatans. Below are lists of Kecamatans articles divided Provinces.

Lesser Sunda Islands
Maluku and Papua

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