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The city of Bristol is divided into many areas, which often overlap or have non-fixed borders. These include Parliamentary constituencies, council wards and unofficial neighbourhoods. There are no civil parishes in Bristol.

Parliamentary constituencies[edit]

Bristol is divided into four constituencies for the purpose of Parliamentary representation. These are:

Council wards[edit]

The city is split into 35 wards for local government. Like the parliamentary constituencies, their borders are rigidly defined.[1]

There are changes to wards from 2016, see the current list at the ward page.


Bristol also consists of neighbourhoods, the borders of which are not fixed as they are mainly informal regions. Some of these areas overlap, or are contained within others, while others have more than one name.

The following areas and towns make up the city of Bristol and its outskirts. It includes some adjoining areas of South Gloucestershire, marked SG, and North Somerset, marked NS.

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