Wards of Turku

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The wards of Turku.

The city of Turku, in Finland, is divided into nine wards (suuralueet in Finnish, storområden in Swedish), which are further divided into 78 districts (see Districts of Turku). The ward division does not always follow district boundaries.

The wards are identified by numbers from one to nine, as well as by a semi-official name.


  1. City Centre (Keskusta / Centrum)
  2. Hirvensalo-Kakskerta
  3. Uittamo-Skanssi (Uittamo - Skansen)
  4. Itäharju-Varissuo (Österås - Kråkkärret)
  5. Koroinen (Korois)
  6. Tampereentie (Tammerforsvägen)
  7. Kuninkoja
  8. Naantalintie (Nådendalsvägen)
  9. Maaria-Paattinen (S:t Marie - Patis)

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