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Vanuatu has been divided into six provinces since 1994. The names in English of all provinces are derived from the initial letters of their constituent islands:

Province Capital Main islands Land Area
Census 2016 [Statistics 1]
Malampa Lakatoro Ambrym, Malakula, Paama 2,779 40,928
Penama Saratamata Pentecost Island, Ambae, Maéwo 1,198 32,543
Sanma Luganville Santo, Malo 4,248 54,184
Shefa Port Vila Efate, Shepherd Islands, Epi 1,455 97,602
Tafea Isangel Tanna, Aniwa, Futuna, Erromango, Anatom 1,628 37,050
Torba Sola Banks and Torres Islands 882 10,161
Vanuatu Port Vila   12,190 272,459
Provinces of Vanuatu


The provinces are in turn divided into municipalities (usually consisting of an individual island) headed by a council and a mayor elected from among the members of the council.

Island regions (historical)[edit]

From 1985 to 1994 it was divided into eleven island regions:

Capital part of
Land Area
Census 1999
or estimate
Ambae & Maéwo Longana Penama 708 14,646
Ambrym Eas Malampa 678 7,787
Banks &Torres Sola Torba 882 7,757
Éfaté Port Vila Shefa 915 50,000
Epi Ringdove Shefa 451 3,000
Malakula Lakatoro Malampa 2,043 23,361
Paama Liro Malampa 58 1,557
Pentecost Loltong Penama 490 12,000
Santo &Malo Luganville Sanma 4,248 36,084
Shepherd Islands Morua Shefa 89 1,439
Taféa Isangel Tafea 1,628 29,047
New Hebrides Port Vila   12,189 186,678

Districts (historical)[edit]

During the Condominium era, specifically from 1968 to 1984 the group was divided into four administrative districts:

District Capital Main Islands Current
Land Area
Census 1999
Southern District
Lénakel Tanna, Aniwa, Futuna, Erromango, Anatom Tafea 1,628 29,047
Central District 1
Port Vila Efate, Epi, Shepherd Islands Shefa 1,455 54,439
Central District 2
Lamap Ambrym, Malakula, Paama, Pentecôte Malampa, Penama (part) 3,269 44,705
Northern District
Luganville Santo, Malo, Banks and Torres Islands, Aoba, Maewo Sanma, Torba, Penama (part) 5,838 58,487
Vanuatu Port Vila     12,189 186,678

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