Subhan Quli Qutb Shah

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Subhan Quli Qutb Shah
The Third Sultan of Qutb Shahi dynasty
Reign 1550
Predecessor Jamsheed Quli Qutb Shah
Successor Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah
House House of Hashim/Banu Hashim(Parent house),Qutb Shahi (Sub branch )
Born 1543
Died 1550
Tomb of Subhan Quli Qutb Shah in Hyderabad

Subhan Quli Qutb Shah (1543-1550) (Urdu: سبحان قلی قطب شاہ ) was 7 years old, when he became Sultan of Golconda, after the death of his father Jamsheed Quli Qutb Shah, in 1550. Saif Khan, also known as Ainul Mulk, was sent from Ahmednagar for the performance of duties of regent during the boy's development. But Jamsheed's younger brother Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah returned from Vijayanagara to Golconda, and ascended the throne. Subhan was deposed, and died of illness or was murdered in the same year.

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Preceded by
Jamsheed Quli Qutb Shah
Qutb Shahi dynasty
Succeeded by
Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah