Subhash Bridge

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Subhas Bridge from Sabarmati River Front

Subhash Bridge is a bridge over Sabarmati River and an important area in Ahmedabad for its association with Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi Ashram is 1.5 km away from Subhash Bridge. Gandhi Ashram Shopping area is a storehouse of Khadi. Subhash Bridge stands as a residential area of Ahmedabad with more than 80 residential societies spread across this place. It has been separated from rest of the city by a railway line in the west and Sabarmati river at its eastern side.


  • 7 km from City Railway Station.
  • About 16 km from Airport.
  • Ashram Road and Dr. Chinubhai Patel Road are major connecting roads here.

Areas Under Subhash Bridge[edit]

  • Keshavanagar

Coordinates: 23°03′40″N 72°35′10″E / 23.061°N 72.586°E / 23.061; 72.586