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Subhi Bey Barakat al-Khalidi
صبحي بك بركات الخالدي
Subhi barkat.jpg
Head of State of Syria
In office
29[1] June 1922 – 20[2] December 1925
Prime MinisterHimself (1925)
Vice PresidentNone
Preceded byFaisal I (As King of Syria)
Succeeded byFrançois Pierre-Alype
Personal details
Suphi Bereket[3]

Antioch, Ottoman Empire
Died1939 (aged 49–50)
Antakya, Turkey
Political partyIndependent

Subhi Bey Barakat al-Khalidi or Suphi Bereket (Arabic: صبحي بك بركات الخالديTurkish: Suphi Bereket; 1889, Antioch – 1939, Turkey) was a Syrian politician from Antioch,[4] born into a family of Turkish origin.[5] During the French Mandate of Syria, he was the president of the Syrian Federation (29[6] June 1922 – 31 December 1924) and the State of Syria (1 January 1925 – 20[7] or, according to Sami M. Moubayed, 21 December 1925).[4]

Part of the reason the French supported his candidacy as president of the Syrian Federation was because as neither a native of Damascus nor a very strong Arabic speaker (Turkish was his mother tongue), he did not seem to pose a nationalist threat to French rule.[8]

Initially he was a partner of Ibrahim Hanano in his revolt. He played a major role in merging the States of Aleppo and Damascus into one state,[citation needed] and he quit the presidency of Syria in 1925 in protest to the French position regarding the fate of the Alawite and Druze States,[citation needed] which France refused to add to Syria because it feared that might endanger the independence of the newly created Lebanon.

Personal life[edit]

Barakat was married to Halide; their daughter Süheyla Mukbile married Turkish politician Refik Koraltan and Zehra married Turkish politician Vahit Melih Halefoğlu.[9][3]

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